A collaboration between Dan Asma and Doran Oppenheimer, InFiction are tightly focused on creating original electronic dance music influenced by their backgrounds as film editors and producers. InFiction has composed music for films such as Black Swan, Wrath of the Titans, The Darkest Hour, The Mist, Halloween, The Last Exorcism, Superman Returns, Disturbia, and The Thing..

Campaign Details

A new era of progressive house has landed in the world of electronic dance music. This experimental mix of theatrical themes, rhythmic beats and other instrumentation are a few things that set Los Angeles based EDM production duo InFiction apart from the rest.

The Project

On the way to making a name for themselves in the electro music scene, emerging EDM production duo InFiction sought to create a buzz surrounding their latest EP, “When I’m With You”. After reviewing their project our team developed a strategy to reach InFiction’s target audience, increase their fanbase and gain media attention.

Planning & Process

The PR Plus campaign was implemented to support InFiction's new release and news media was pitched continuously to secure major placements and reviews. We also engaged social media sites and popular blogs to generate extra awareness.

The Results

AMW helped AMTTW's attracted thousands of new Facebook followers from engaged fans in a span of four week and introduced the group to National and International publications for interview, review and feature placements.
AMW’s publicity campaign exposed the duo to a media placement opportunity with national motor company KIA Motors among other things. InFiction’s popular remix of David Bowie’s ‘Let’s Dance’ was selected as the soundtrack music for the 2014 KIA Cadenza TV commercial.


Kia TV Commercial feat. InFiction

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