Kat Rodriguez is well known as Beyoncé's Saxophone Player. We supported her first album release with a social media and digital PR campaign. The campaign targed the North Ameican market in order to increase buzz and exposure.
In 2006, Beyoncé held auditions for an all female band. Being one of 1,000 girls who auditioned and was handpicked by Beyoncé herself. Since then, Kat has recorded The Beyonce Experience and the I...Am tour, plus numerous TV appearances which include: Oprah, Ellen DeGeneres, American Music Awards and the Grammys.

Campaign Details

Kat Rodriguez (aka Kat) is an incredible saxophonist, singer, songwriter, arranger, and composer with an accomplished resume. As a saxophonist in Beyonce Knowles’ all female band, she has toured the world with one of the best but is now ready to show the world what she is made of. Kat is currently putting the finishing touches on her debut project and performing her single, “Mockery”, all over the country. The wonderful mix of R&B and Pop is one that is missing in the music industry right now. The use of live band instruments stays true to Kat’s Jazz influence but with catchy hooks and up-tempo beats, the listener is bound to get up and dance.

The Project

Kat Rodriguez contacted AMW to assist with supporting a new album release and to develop a custom social media and digital marketing/pr campaign. The campaign primarily targeted R&B fans in North America in order to increase exposure for her debut album "Mockery".

Planning & Process

The initial stages of the project included reviewing past marketing and publicity efforts. AMW's PR & Marketing Team then proceeded to develop a social media strategy supported by digital publicity. The campaign came together and ran during a busy time as Kat Rodriguez attended rehearsals and performances with Beyonce. During this time AMW's team stayed on top of everything and communicated through a new online client dashboard. This allowed the campaign to proceed without delays during a busy schedule.
Our teamed worked to increase Social Media followers on Facebook and Twitter, wrote and distributed press releases through a large media network, redesigned social media pages, scheduled interviews, prepared album for release/digitial distribution in the iTunes store, amazon, spotify among other services. AMW also developed a new website with artist information and media.

The Results

She successfully reintroduced herself to a large audience in the United States as a singer & songwriter. Kat Rodriguez continues to grow her brand awareness and receives well deserved attention from both music publications, concert promoters and radio stations.



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