AMW is committed to caring for the environment. We have Over the last years implemented green business practices and below is a few ways we have tried to make an environmental difference.

We offer online offer sheets for all our clients that have cut down on paper, fax and printer usage. Our clients are quickly adapting to digital contracts, saving 5-15 sheets of paper for every occasion. Most of our clients now choose to receive digital contracts that in addition to being friendly to the environment is also more user-friendly and effective.

We now provide our proposals to clients digitally. We also only accept client files through secure online transfers. This has increased our delivery time and hardcopy proposals with covers are now avoidable. This has saved tremendous amounts of paper in addition to the binding, folders, toner, packaging, DVDs, cases and the fossil fuels used in shipping thousands of packages.

We purchase green and environmentally friendly products that are hat made from Recycled materials, Bio-based, Non-toxic, Energy efficient rated products (ENERGY STAR®), Renewable and recyclable.

We encourage our employees to carpool to and from work if necessary. We also encourage Telecommuting and support other means of transportation when necessary by paying monthly costs for public transportation and sponsoring bike purchases whenever possible.

With recycling bins AMW reuses and recycles paper, cardboard, bottles, cans and other materials whenever possible.

AMW employees are encouraged to support non-profit organizations and community projects. Visit the following link to see a list of non-profit organizations AMW support.

If you have green suggestions for AMW please send them to us using our contact page. For great tips on how to increase your environmental sustainability at home and at work, visit