About Pro Launch

Build awareness for your latest project with our Pro Launch campaign. The campaign is suitable for new music releases and other product launches. The campaign includes many of our most popular services areas and can be configured to fit your needs.

We only have a limited amount of Pro Launch campaigns available per month so reserve yours with a deposit.

Pro Launch Menu (60 days)

Standard Features

- Custom Game Plan Strategy

- Blogs & Reviews

- Professional Press Release

- Times Square Showcase

- Social Media Dossier

- Professional EPK

Other Services

(Select Two)

- Spotify Promotion

- SoundCloud Promotion

- Podcast Tour

- YouTube Promotion

- Internet Radio Promotion

- Social Media Management

Regular Price $14,950
Limited Time Special $9,950

We only offer this campaign to a select number of clients

Secure your campaign slot with a $500 deposit today

Campaign Features

The Pro Launch Campaign Features Top Services

Times Square Announcement

We announce your project on a major Billboard right in the middle of Times Square in NYC.

Showcase prominently to the hundreds of thousands of people that make their way through Times Square each day.

Blogs & Reviews

We secure great blog placements and reviews within our extensive network of online blogs and other outlets.

We target different blogs that fit each individual campaign project. Blog placements are a great way to grow awareness, increase your online footprint and gain new fans!

National Press Release Distribution

Our senior publicists craft press release copy for our Pro Launch campaigns. Once approved we distribute the release through a national newswire and provide a detailed pickup report.

A professional press release is a way to summarize official announcements to the public and news media quickly. The release which consists of SEO-optimized, index-ready news content will also grow your online footprint.

Streaming Promotion

Promote your project on Spotify, SoundCloud, Internet Radio, YouTube or Podcasts. Our targeted streaming promotion will give you the push it needs out of the gate. We utilize safe and proven streaming marketing methods.

Select two streaming campaigns to include in your Pro Launch campaign. Our dedicated team will take it from there.

Social Media Dossier

Grow your social media accounts with powerful strategies provided by our team. We start with a full review of your social media accounts, including Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Next, we provide pointers on what to fix and what to keep. Get tips on content schedules and the right tools to use. Take advantage of the many benefits social media offer and start growing with us!

We only provide 100% organic, safe, and proven strategies. For that reason, we don't provide estimates on specific following numbers.

Professional EPK

We'll build a professional EPK that can be used for presentations. Shared with 3rd party decision makers or showcase your latest project to the world.

Electronic Press Kist (EPK) are presentation cards or CVs for talent. It's designed to provide labels, agents, music supervisors, venues, talent buyers and the media with essential information to understand who you are so you can secure a deal and/or make connections.

Times Square Example

Business Announcements

Influencer Exposure

Music Releases

Personal Branding

Product Launches

Special Milestones

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  • Amherst120
  • Army120
  • Artbasel120
  • Audi120
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  • Cartier120
  • Cbs120
  • Chicago120
  • Coors120
  • Crate Barrel120
  • Oakley120
  • Csu120
  • Eldorado120
  • Essence120
  • Estee120
  • Etv120
  • F1 120
  • Florida120
  • Gap120
  • Glamour120
  • Gloria120
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  • Gucci120
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  • Lacoste120
  • Louisv120
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  • Nba120
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  • Nfl120
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  • Philharmonie120
  • Pride120
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