We provided a promotional tour in the United States for Brazilian Rockstress Reah Valente. The tour targeted major US cities and top venues to increase exposure for her new album release.
Brazilian Rockstress Reah Valente released her single, "My Way Home" and hired AMW to support her US debut with a promo tour in major US cities. The album also entitled, "My Way Home" (Avaras, Inc.) features production from legendary producers Paul Fox and Dave Cobb who fuse Reah's powerful songwriting ability with her heart compelling voice.

Campaign Details

After moving to New York City in 2005 to pursue her music career, Reah Valente met hip-hop producer Andy Thelusma, Red Spyda (50-cent, Eminem, Macy Gray) who later introduced her to legendary producers Paul Fox and Dave Cobb in Los Angeles. Reah Valente then moved to LA to work with the dynamic duo and finished recording 10 tracks that would showcase a more mature, worldly and vastly more secure artist. Reah Valente has a rich musical background, an unwavering commitment to the art of songwriting and music composition, and a voice that lingers long after the last note fades.

The Project

A New York based management company contacted AMW to provide a full United States promotional tour for Brazilian Rockstress Reah Valente. The tour would target major US cities and visit top venues in order to increase exposure for her upcoming album release. To further support their new artist’s campaign the management company utilized AMW’s business proposal development services to secure additional funds from investors seeking to support the album release.

Planning & Process

The initial stages of the project included planning of a promotional tour routing visiting major US cities. AMW's booking agents put to use their large network of venue owners, club managers and promoters to secure the best slots in top venues including the The Roxy on Sunset, Alphabet Lounge in NYC and the Key Club (Plush Lounge) in LA.
Our teamed then customized a PR & Publicity campaign to support her touring schedule and attract members of the media and general public. AMW finally worked on developing sponsorship and business proposals that were later used to attract prospective sponsors, vendors and strategic partners.

The Results

Reah Valente successfully introduced herself to a large demographic in the United States and went on to perform larger scale events in the US and abroad. Her management utilized business proposals developed by AMW for future deals in Japan.



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