Sielik Productions is a concert promoter based in Miami, FL. They promote shows in mid-size to large capacity venues and contacted AMW to get a competitive edge in their business strategy and proposal development approach.

Campaign Details

Sielik Productions is a Concert promoter and Entertainment Media group based in Miami, FL. The company produces entertainment events as well as media productions for television and radio broadcasting. Sielik Productions Mission is to provide consumers with a platform where they can access a menu of high quality entertainment through a variety of avenues and media.

The Project

Sielik Productions initially contacted AMW to secure talent for one their concert events but quickly started to utilize other services. As one of the fastest growing concert promoters and media groups in Florida they were looking for assistance with developing their strategy and proposal development for upcoming live entertainment events.

Planning & Process

AMW worked to secure talent for concerts promoted by Sielik Productions. We then shifted focus to the business end of things by developing sponsorship proposals for the company to attract new sponsors and strategic partners. Local demographic and market details were utilized to add value to prospective partners. We also started a publicity strategy to promote Sielik’s endeavors to new and existing media contacts.

The Results

Sielik Productions is working on upcoming festival productions at an 80,000 capacity arena in addition to entertainment media productions for local and national TV distribution. Initial feedback on sponsorship opportunity offered by Sielik’s first event has been great.


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