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Sponsorship Proposal Services

Review of Current Material

We will review all your current and past sponsorship material to see what can be improved upon.

Demographic Research

We will research the target demographic and make sure your property is aligned well to achieve the best results.

Copy Review

Our experienced team will ensure an interesting read for marketing executives and decision makers.

Sponsorship Level Creation

We will help put together creative sponsorship levels offering optimal benefits and great value to the sponsor partner.

Pie Charts & Mockups

We can turn your demographic numbers into easy to understand visual elements that will capture the reader's attention.

Proposal Layout

We will provide professional proposal layout ideas that will make your sponsorship proposal stand out from the competition.

Digital Tools

We know the best tools for proposal presentation and easy distribution.

Press Release Announcement

Our PR Team will write and distribute a press release to announce your opportunity Nationally.

Network Inclusion

Get included in AMWs sponsorship network, we will make your sponsorship opportunity available to prospective sponsors.


Sponsorship Power™ Toolkit

  • sponsorship proposal
    Sponsorship Power
    Toolkit for Developing Sponsorship Proposals
    Make a winning sponsorship proposal and utilize proven strategies to sell your sponsorship packages.

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  • Includes The Following Documents:
    1. Sales Strategy Guide: How to Pitch & Secure Sponsors
    2. Proposal Templates (Word, Excel)
    3. Sample Sponsorship Letters
    4. Sponorship Proposal Examples
    5. Press Release Examples
    6. Sponsorship Agreement Template
    7. Pitching Spreadsheet (Excel)

    Format: Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel (will work on all computers, PC & MAC)

  • The Toolkit is Suitable for:
    Event promoters & planners
    Educational Institutions
    Exhibits and Fairs
    Government Agencies
    Venue Owners
    Labels & Musicians
    Athletic Teams
    Other Organizations

  • sponsorship kit
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Sponsorship Proposals Should Include

Executive Summary:
This summarized information presents the sponsor with reasons why they should support your project. Also describe your organization/event and highlight your past successes. Execute a concise and well formatted section (not to exceed one page).

Project Information:
Present the project/sponsorship opportunity in detail. Write this section with the sponsor in mind and explain why your opportunity will benefit the sponsor's objectives.

Market Information:
The detailed information about the market and target demographic. Provide the sponsor with important information including income levels of the audience, their age, educational information, etc.

Sponsorship Levels:
Highlight the many benefits to the sponsor along with the different pricing. Offer customization upon request to accommodate prospective sponsors needs.

Plan for Marketing:
Provide different measures to promote the project in this part of the document. Include confirmed media partners and specify publicity and/or marketing plans.

In the last part of the proposal include past history, media clippings, past sponsors, contact details and a call to action etc.

Sponsorship Consulting Services

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