How to Build Social Media Presence for Your Music Brand

So you want to start working out your social media? Get it in shape! Well, you’ve come to the right place. We tell you all about how to build social media presence for your music branding and keep it that way! 

Now building social media presence for a music brand is not very different than for other industries but you should always keep in mind what works best for your audience. We are here to take you step by step into creating quality social media to get your music out there!

Building Social Media Presence in 9 Steps

Every current brand owns at least a few social media channels, but how many of those have an actual presence? How many of those interact with their followers to create real-life relationships? This is the key! Having social media isn’t enough if there is no presence at all! 

Social media is a business tool to help you and your brand nourish true relationships, not followers. Follower counts don’t mean a thing if they don’t engage with you! 

To achieve and increase social media presence, you need a social media strategy to get to your goals. Right there, that is the very first step, writing down your social media goal by channel. Meaning, what’s the intention behind your Twitter, your YouTube channel, or your Instagram. Different social media platforms may work differently for your brand. So let’s dive right into it:

1. Set Your Goals

You need goals that are specific, measurable, realistic, and relevant. You also need to set a timetable for each one of these goals. 

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Also, we recommend that you set different goals according to each social media channel.

2. What’s Your Target Audience?

Once you have your goals defined, is time to target the right people! When you understand who your audience is, you can set a schedule, tone, and content of interest. This doesn’t mean that you will be shaping your brand to fit your audience, but you will be approaching them in a way they will love! 

In order to post valuable content it is important that you understand what your audience’s interests are, but more on this ahead.

3. Connect on a Personal Level

Even when people know they are following a brand, they like to talk to humans. You can achieve this by showing your followers the faces behind your brand. Introduce yourself, your collaborators, your team and tell their stories.

4. Engage!

As said before, making relationships is way more important than increasing your follower count. A way to do this is to answer their questions, incentivize customers to generate content, share their stories whenever you are mentioned as well as reply to those mentions. 

Basically, start a conversation with your fans. You can ask questions, make a poll, start a live video to answer doubts, and so on.

5. Plan Your Content Calendar

This helps you keep it consistent so that you don’t disappoint your followers. You want to keep your presence constantly throughout the week. Maybe even make a few posts daily in some cases! Remember presence is what we are looking for. 

Research the best time to post on each different platform. This might take a lot of experimenting, there is actually no secret formula to it. Music followers may not be online as other audiences might. 

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Valuable Content 

So as we mentioned before, your target wants to see relevant content according to their interests. Which means one, you need to understand what those interests are, and two, make up valuable information for it!

6. Optimize Your Profiles

Write in-depth and enchanting descriptions of your brand or yourself in case you are promoting a personal brand. Add relevant keywords to them too.

You need a great profile picture or logo, banner, or cover, and you definitely need to keep them consistent all through your social media channels. Brand consistency all over your social media channels to make it easier for your followers to find you!

7. Content Design

Again not all social media are the same. Make specially designed content for each platform. For example, as we all know Instagram is a very visual platform, images are key! Twitter gets even better results when a twit comes accompanied with visuals or graphics. This means you will be needing good material and arts to go with your posts! 

Facebook notes that Live videos get six times the engagement versus any other type of content.

Also, don’t post the same content on every social media platform, try to keep it varied! 

Videos are a Biggy

Video content engages way more than regular content. Whether it’s a short video story or a larger YouTube episode, use the same logic: brand, target, and promotion.

8. Experiment with Ads

Don’t be afraid to pay for a little promotion on your social media. In fact, it is safe to say social media is no longer free so you might want to invest a few bucks in some awesome ads! 

You can try influencer marketing, this is collaborating with fellow musicians or people involved in the music industry whose following could help uplift yours!

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Run highly targeted ads! Now that you know who your audience is, make sure your ads are targeted to them and to those that don’t know you just yet.

9. Track Your Results

Keeping track of your analytics is important in order to measure the success of your social media channel and to actually see what’s working and what’s not. 

Every social media channel offers its own analytics tool or you can use an external tool like Google Analytics itself or a social media manager.

A Few Extras

  • Use automation tools to make your life easier, they are real time savers. 

There are tools for scheduling your posts for instance. 

  • Use design templates

Using pre-made templates you can easily customize your templates in order to get awesomely designed images and videos for your posts. For instance, a Youtube intro maker makes it super easy for non-designers to create professional assets for their videos and brand them in just a few clicks! 

  • Stay on top of trends

Share with your followers the latest news and use trending hashtags.

  • Cross-promote your social media channels. 

Link your social media channels on your description or make posts to send them across channels. For example, an Instagram story to promote your next YouTube episode. 

  • Share adjacent content. 

You can share content from other channels that are in sync with your brand’s personality. No one wants to hear someone talk about themselves all night right? In other words, don’t be self-centered sharing valuable content from others can also benefit your brand. 

Last Words

The result of all these efforts will turn out into an effective social media presence! Every emerging musician and even established music brands, can take enormous advantage of social media to position their brands, gain fans, and build strong relationships with their following and other fellow artists. Don’t stay behind! Give your social media game a new refreshing face and get your music out there!

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