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We have worked with Oakley supporting ongoing marketing and event efforts. One aspect of this include management of contest events. Once lucky winners has been selected we help plan and manage amazing trips that includes major sports events, visit to Oakley HQ, outdoor activities such as Surfing, Action Sports events, ATV riding and much more.
Following another successful tour in Buenos Aires, Argentina the release of Madonna's 'Sticky & Sweet Tour' DVD & CD was soon available for those who wanted a piece of history. AMW teamed with HyPursuit to host the 'Sticky & Sweet' DVD & CD launch parties in North America starting with an event at the upscale Tobin's Lounge in Houston, TX.
We were fortunate enough to be invited to work with one of the most talented and successful musicians in history. Prince had spent time working on new material and was ready to get back to performing live again. We worked to support his efforts and targeted specific promoters and venue locations throughout the World. We also worked with Prince's beautiful DJ Rashida on selected engagements.
The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas is known for hosting the most elaborate pool party’s (rehab at the pool) and a long range of other concerts in their selection of venues. Hard Rock worked with AMW for several events including concerts, club events and official hotel openings. AMW made sure that the events met Hard Rock's high standards, stayed on budget and remained on schedule.
Crate and Barrel worked with AMW on the launch event of the newly released Paola Navone Collection in New York. The event included showcasing of the collection and entertainment by Suga Ray playing a set list consisting of jazz, classic rock, and motown fusion mix. Paola Navone’s unique design aesthetic reflects her lifetime of travel, commitment to handcraft, and passion for global culture and design. The collection features tableware with whimsical yet sophisticated mediterranean designs from the Italian designer.
Toni&Guy wanted to engage an agency to support their Annual Hairdresser Award Show in North America. They contacted AMW and we supported the engagement and ensured that everything went well from initial planning to the final award show according to the allocated time schedule. The amazing performance caused the entire audience to give raving reviews. Toni & Guy followed up on the success by engaging AMW to support their Award Shows in Europe.
MM Entertainment is a Pittsburgh promoter and night club owner that has been presenting events including Kevin Hart, The Comedy Jam, Jay-Z, Marvin Sapp, Raheem Devaughn, Trey Songz among others. The promoter hired AMW to develop a sponsorship proposal that would increase their local business and government support. Our team of sponsorship experts put together a detailed deck that highlighted the many benefits to prospective sponsors. AMW also customized sponsorship levels and provided sales strategy on how to successfully secure sponsors. MM Entertainment ended up securing both government support and corporate sponsors for their upcoming events.
The Michigan Dirt Cup is a Michigan based professional short track racing tour that competes at nine different venues throughout the state of Michigan. The tour consists of two classes of cars; the super late model and unlimited modified; our target is 16 to 18 events per season. AMW developed a detailed sponsorship proposal for the cup that highlighted the many benefits of partnering with one of the most popular racing forms in the United States. The proposal sections included: project introduction, benefits and offer to sponsors, media and publicity exposure, location and car display options, sponsor packages, racing classes, past sponsors and past event history. The deck also explained more complex aspects of the sport and made it easy for sponsorship decision makers to comprehend.
HBO contacted AMW to help with their special Labor Day concerts with Justin Timberlake in Madison Square Garden, New York. The production featured a large 360 degree stage with movable trusses, special effects and lasers. The concert special was aired live to a large US audience in addition to troops overseas. AMW also provided talent and event management services for the exclusive after party at the Tribeca Rooftop.
Art direction and logo development for official Tupac Shakur project.
Slam Dunking Skeleton creator Greg Speirs continues to celebrate Lithuanian basketball culture through Skullman t-shirt concept and The Other Dream Team, a sports and political documentary inspired by Lithuanians' experiences. Directed and produced by Marius Markevicius and Jon Weinbach. AMW worked with Greg Speirs for rebranding, customized PR campaign surrounding the release of Sundance Film Festival Documentary "The Other Dream Team" and redeveloped the official website and Greg Speirs professional profiles.
A new revolution has debuted in the South and its called L.A.M.E. (Living at Maximum Elevation). The emergence of upcoming stars Clifford Clements and Micheal Taylor unravels L.A.M.E.'s chart-topping potential and success as their single, "Giant Grapes and Astronauts" climbs national radio charts. AMW helped L.A.M.E. with a digital PR campaign that created buzz around their national promotional tour. AMW also worked on Social Media and attracted more than 9,000 new facebook fans in less than a month. Our team also developed a new tour website with itinerary, biography and media integration.
Edutainment is a music exchange program supported by the European Union that implements cultural events to inspire and motivate young people to take part in creative activities. The organization worked with AMW to develop a sponsorship program for their yearly events. AMW provided consulting and sales services that secured sponsors. Some of the sponsors included airlines, hotel and accommodation providers, NISS university, consumer product brands and media partners.
The Millennium Celebrations Committee was formed to plan and undertake millenium celebration events in Oslo, Norway. It featured several outdoor stage productions with a wide selection of live entertainment and surrounding events. With estimated visitors at over 500,000 people the events was the largest of it's kind in recent history. AMW provided event management and sponsorship consulting services to increase sponsorship activation.
3 Little Birds 4 Life is a non-profit organization that grants wishes to cancer patients in the U.S. They came to us needing a professional sponsorship proposal that included a variety of contribution options to both individuals and corporate partners. We developed a complete sponsorship deck that addressed their needs. We also highlighted the many benefits of sponsoring the organization to increase interest and contributions.
As a leader in child development though physical fitness, Lionheart provides sports programs for some of the world largest companies. Lionheart Fitness also produces a National tour of elementary schools, fairs and community events and the Kids TV show “The Coach Leo Show”. We developed a complete sponsorship proposal that included sections to heighlight the many benefits of becoming a sponsorship partner.
The Sun God Festival is an annual campus festival at The University of California, San Diego. As one of the largest music festivals on the West Coast, Sun God was established in 1983 and takes place in the spring. Sun God feature major headliners and attracts a sold out crowd of 20,000 attendees each year ranging from culturally diverse students and guests. We had the pleasure of working with the festival for Sponsorship Program Development and Sales.
Founded by fashion designer and fitness enthusiast Chriztina Marie, WERKSHOP is a line of designer high-performance fitness leggings that blur the line between fashion and function. WERKSHOP was launched as Kickstarter Campaign with a goal of raising $20,000. We were hired to assist the campaign reach it’s goal. Our PR reached out to a number of fitness publications that ended up featuring WERKSHOP. The campaign ended up receiving 761 backers and raised a total of $94,275, 471% of the initial goal.
We had the pleasure of supporting Elline's debut EP "Stained Glass". LA-based singer and songwriter Elline is carving a musical style of her own. A graduate of Berklee College of Music, her lyrical themes create genuine, multifaceted songs, challenging listeners’ perspectives and encouraging them to a reflective journey. The campaign included media outreach to a number of publications in addition to launch support, social media optimization and national press distribution.
At the height of the Shanghai's Formula One comes additional festivities and exclusive events centered around F1 World Championship Races. After understanding the initiatives of the event community, AMW proposed and executed several event pr campaigns which promoted after parties, products & merchandise along with Shanghai's landmarks and tourism for an authentic F1 Shanghai experience.
The Cartier Love Bracelet has been popular since the 1960’s, when its designer modeled it after legendary chastity belts, said to have been bolted to wives’ waists when their husbands went away. Cartier North America was to introduce a new twist for the original bracelet, the Love Charity Bracelet, a knotted silk bracelet in several colors. Cartier contacted AMW to help support the event and Paul Seviny among others helped to make the events memorable. A-list Celebrities including Sarah Jessica Parker, Usher, Eva Mendes, Salma Hayek, Scarlett Johansson, Ashley Judd, Spike Lee, Janet Jackson, Paul Sevigny and several others have attended the events to date.
When Houston caught NBA All Star Weekend fever in 2006, AMW was right in the middle of it. Planning specifics of an all star casted after party featuring celebs and sports figures alike, we were able to hoist the attendance even further especially after adding a gift bag suite and VIP bottle service. AMW as since worked on NBA events throughout North America to support participation and increase marketing exposure towards a growing demographic.
Once a year the exclusive Philharmonie Concert Hall in Luxembourg hosts an “end of the season” party for a large pool of music enthusiasts. The known concert hall invites talent with a historical significance combined with the best of the new. For 2009 Philharmonie decided on legendary grandfather of hip-hop Kool DJ Herc and DJ Rashida, Prince fashionable DJ. AMW facilitated their request and the event sold to capacity.
AMW has supported New York Fashion Weeks designers and exclusive events for years. One of the many clients we have worked with includes Glamour Magazine’s annual New York Fashion Week Event. The event is known to attract the very top of the fashion industry in addition to a long list of Celebrities. One of the events was sponsored by Camel No. 9 and TY-KU. Models, designers and industry professionals gathered at fashionable Marquee Club in New York. DJ Sky Nellor was engaged to perform and AMW's event team was there to ensure that everything went according to plan.
E! Entertainment Television needed a replacement headliner for the E! launch event in Canada, Toronto after Amy Winehouse was prevented from attending on short notice. E! contacted AMW to find a suitable candidate and quickly contracted Jamaican superstar Sean Paul to perform at the prestigious event. The event was as a huge success, E! quickly gained traction in the Canadian and AMW has since supported other projects for the network.
Nokia Trends Lab is the multimedia experience that gives you a backstage pass to extreme digital entertainment. In addition to its concert-like platform it also features tons of information on their latest product releases and new technology. AMW supported their events in Europe by adding an additional touch of flare with live performances, and promotional campaigns sparked by headlining artists.
Godskitchen is an international superclub brand which is associated and organizes events, particularly in the UK, US and frequent events in Shanghai. AMW's Event team has joined forces with God's Kitchen on numerous occasions by overseeing events in Shanghai, in addition to consulting and developing eye-catching campaigns consisting of live production, top performers and entertainment marketing.
Following a string of targeted attacks against the LBGT community AMW had the privilege of working with Minneapolis' community organizers on an annual pride week event. A sensitive issue, we focused on delicately presenting our target audience with our anti-bullying campaign through involved celebrities and leaflet distribution.
A major player in Breast Cancer Research, Susan G. Komen's annual Race for The Cure not only focuses on breast cancer awareness but also being pro active. AMW's goal was to create awareness within a younger demographic through Race for The Cure involvement and volunteer work within select community to raise funds for research.
The annual Spaghettifest is one of the great home-grown music festivals of the Shenandoah Valley. Hosted by the funk mob Midnight Spaghetti & The Chocolate G-Strings, the annual charitable event brings together a thriving community of music lovers and outstanding bands of innumerable genres. AMW has supported the festival with event consulting and talent to enhance their growing platform of world class artists & DJs.
Native Star Productions had one goal in mind when they contact AMW; to raise funds for a struggling high school. AMW created an awareness campaign launching a series of concert events over a two day period to engage local citizens. The concert series not only produced revenue but also attracted much-needed press attention which helped to drive additional fundraising events and in-kind donations.
Inspiration Pointe is a new family oriented variety show and broadcast project developed by Greater Works Fund, Inc (GWFI), a non profit organization based in Baltimore, Maryland. The four-part show is filmed live by Blue House Productions of Silver Spring, MD and edited into five TV shows that will be made available on internet based vehicles. AMW worked with the organization to develop a full sponsorship program including sponsorship proposal development, job description for the independent sales representative, sales strategy and tools for the pitching.

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