Amy Kress showcases hidden talent with “Secret Music”

Secret Music Cover 1600x1600 FinalLos Angeles, CA – January 13, 2015 – An incredibly talented singer and songwriter, Denver musician Amy Kress has released her debut album, “Secret Music.” Armed with an amazingly beautiful voice and inspiring lyrics, Amy delivers a unique contemporary pop experience and creatively unfolds the album’s underlying message of love, happiness, and inspiration. “Secret Music,” is now available at all major music outlets including Amazon, Spotify and iTunes at: #

Produced by The Spot Studios (Denver, CO), “Secret Music” explores much of Amy’s personal life. Her ongoing battle with breast cancer was a primary driving force behind the unveiling of her musical talent. Diagnosed in 2011, Amy pushed her passion for singing and songwriting to the forefront – teaming with Glenn Sawyer and Rich Veltrop of The Spot Studios for a series of singles and the new album. Musically gifted since childhood, tapping her creativity to compose new music was like second nature to Kress.

“Music has always been the language of my soul. I lose myself in it, it’s my meditation and my place of peace. No matter the circumstances I can always turn to music to ease my mind.” – Amy Kress

Written and co-produced by Kress, “Secret Music” features 14-tracks – a collection of songs and scraps of music she stored over the years. Her pop-infused single, “Numb” unleashes a relentless character searching for fulfillment while another fan favorite “The Way I Want You” offers a soulful ballad. Recognized for her distinct vocal ability, one fan noted, “Your voice and music, oh so refreshing and soulful, accentuating beauty even more-so through your voice. I’m hooked!”

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Amy’s heart-felt performance of the single, “The Crush” at Herman’s Hideaway in Denver – left the crowd eager for more of her music. Currently in the studio working on her second album, Amy Kress is also gearing up for a series of performance engagements in support of “Secret Music.”

About Amy Kress
Amy Kress is a talented Canadian born singer and songwriter living in Denver, Colorado. Until three years ago she was a “secret musician” only playing at home alone or to her kids and dogs. Things may have very well continued along that path forever until she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011. That event changed her life when she realized her passion needed to be explored to its fullest before it was too late. In September 2013 she began recording her debut album, “Secret Music” based largely on her “secret” scraps of music she had been collecting over the years. Now, actively battling cancer for the second time, Amy is writing her second album.

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