DS Sports Ventures Introduces Groundbreaking New Software BaseballCloud

Former Houston Astros Minor Leaguer Kevin Davidson’s Vision Comes to Life

Los Angeles, CA – July 30, 2019  BaseballCloud is a revolutionary new software designed as a resource for amateur baseball players looking to improve their game. Envisioned by Kevin Davidson, the CEO and co-founder of DS Sports Ventures, BaseballCloud is the first centralized data analysis tool available for young, aspiring players. Through BaseballCloud’s key metrics and custom visualization tools, players can assess their own performances on data points such as spin rate, fastball velocity, pitch movement, and much more. 

Two years ago, a conversation with data-savvy pitching coach Wes Johnson prompted Davidson to recognize a prominent need in the baseball community. Despite the rise of data usage, there was no platform that brought it all together for complete, unified analysis. Coaches had to spend countless hours getting data into a format that they could read and interpret. After careful study and research, Davidson formulated the idea for BaseballCloud as a way to transform how data is used in amateur baseball. This year, Davidson’s vision comes to life.

“BaseballCloud is going to revolutionize the baseball industry,” says Wes Johnson, current Minnesota Twins pitching coach. “Players will no longer have to wonder if they have the tools to play at any given level. They will know!”

BaseballCloud includes features such as a customizable player profile, site-wide networking capabilities, and analysis on over 20 unique data points. BaseballCloud’s team product is another facet of the software designed specifically for coaches who are looking to boost player development within their teams. As a former Houston Astros catcher, Davidson understands the importance of data when it comes to obtaining accurate, objective performance feedback, a vital part of every player’s growth.

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As analytics becomes a growing force in baseball, BaseballCloud is sure to change the way data is viewed. With its introduction of this influential software, DS Sports Ventures takes yet another step towards its goal to educate the baseball community on the importance of data. Under KD’s leadership, DSSV is quickly becoming a dominant innovator in the sports industry. 

About DS Sports Ventures

Based in Orlando, FL, DS Sports Ventures is a rapidly growing sports investment group founded by Kevin Davidson and Joseph Sleiman. Since its inception in 2017, DS Sports Ventures has acquired 10 businesses, including ProspectWire, a premiere baseball scouting and tournament company. DSSV has employed 700+ people (seasonal/annual), and brought over 400,000 fans to Osceola, Polk, and Seminole counties respectively. Their pinnacle software Baseball Cloud has broken the mold by giving amateur baseball players, teams, and coaches access to a single, user-friendly platform of performance data. BaseballCloud fills a gap in the industry by simplifying the process of uploading and analyzing data. To learn more, go to BaseballCloud’s website at www.baseballcloud.com. You can follow BaseballCloud on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.

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