Sharing/retweeting posts you find interesting to keep your social media timelines current

social_media_sharingThreading the fine line between being inactive and spamming

If you’ve ever run a social media page you know this problem. You don’t want to post too much about your product because you don’t want to spam people’s Facebook and Twitter feeds. If you are selling window cleaners and keep posting about them all the time people will start unsubscribing to your updates. The reason for this is simple, even if the product is more interesting than a window cleaner; there is only a set amount of interest people will show about it. You posting about it all the time is boring to them.

Yet, at the same time, you know that the easiest way to lose social media traction is to become a dead account. If you only post once a month or when you have concrete updates about your brand people will forget about you. Your social media page will dead and your posts will not generate discussions anymore. So being active about your product all the time is bad for your social media pages but not posting regularly is bad for your social media page also. The solution to this dilemma is simple; you need to start sharing and retweeting interesting posts you find elsewhere.

Become a hub of information

This strategy doesn’t just help keep your social media pages alive; it also helps reinforce your brand message. Let’s say you were running the social media pages for a window cleaner. Constant updates about the window cleaner won’t be interesting for anyone, but posts about ways to clean things around the house would be interesting for homeowners. By picking a topic (Home Cleaning) that is closely linked to the product category (Window cleaning) you will be able to provide updates to your social media followers daily. You will also generate a lot of discussion and social media traction in general as people share the useful and interesting tips and guides you post.

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Know your target audience

The key point here is that the updates should be interesting to your target market and should always relate to your brand message. If you just start posting random things from around the internet it will hurt your brand. It might increase your viewership but it will dilute your brand message; there will be people liking and following you who will never have a real interest in your products. Knowing your audience is criminally easy with Facebook. The audience tool provided by Facebook to all Facebook page managers provides demographic data so you can get an accurate picture of your followers.

Learn to Credit

Give some credit to the content creator or media source. The easiest way to do this on Twitter is to simply retweet whatever interesting thing you have found. This ensures that everyone can get some extra traction going. On Facebook it is a good idea to share someone’s post directly but if it’s not possible you can link to the original creator in the caption of the image.

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