Music Production Duo The HitList to Release Asylum Music Video

Los Angeles, CA – April 28, 2014  Los Angeles based production duo, The HitList have announced that they will be releasing the music video to their newest single entitled “Asylum”. Scheduled for release on Monday, April 28th the video will premiere on their official Vevo channel at:

Composed of David “DJ” Jenkins and Damar “Dutch” Beckett, The HitList is a multi-talented team who has written and produced songs for some of the industry’s most notable acts. Produced, written, arranged and performed by The HitList, the electro-pop filled “Asylum” also includes elements of r&b and hip-hop highlighting the duo’s truly unique combo of vocal arrangement, music production and songwriting. Both performing artists and songwriters, DJ and Dutch are two gifted musicians whose talents also transcend into their film production work.

The HitList on Asylum:

“Asylum” is the culmination of a very distinct sound created by The HitList.
Behind the catchy top line and hard hitting bass drums, lies the more serious undertones of how the music industry’s constant need to box music in, drives The HitList absolutely crazy. Head over to iTunes and hear the insanity for yourself.

The HitList is currently working with several upcoming artists and filming new material for their web series ‘Dreams2Reality’.

About The HitList

The origins of ‘The HitList’ can be simply described in one word, Family. DJ and Damar are in fact cousins, stemming from a long line of musically gifted family members. The Singer/Song Writer/Producers reconnected, after discovering they both were seriously pursuing their musical gifts. They then decided to join forces and become what is now ‘The HitList’. With their initial projects together consisting of working with Actor/Model/Singer Rotimi (Boss, Black Nativity, Divergent), and Singer/Song Writer Dawn Richard (Danity Kane, Dirty Money), The HitList now shifts their focus to Film, and TV licensing.

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While continuing to work with various artists, as well as creating their own material, The HitList diligently works to embody their company moniker, The HitList Media Group LLC. With their unique high potency in business savvy, star power, and giftedness, combined with an uncanny work ethic, The HitList is definitely poised to become what they call The Next Level Of Media.

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