The 4 New Marketing Sites We Really Love

When it comes to marketing you cannot afford to ignore new developments. Marketing involves creating thinking, but it also involves strategies and new technologies – which is why it is important to read marketing related publications. We have selected some of our favorite marketing sites here. These websites cover many different aspects of marketing – from technical to creative.

Marketing Sherpa

You will find many websites that simply post about new marketing campaigns or have superficial reporting on marketing related news. Not Marketing Sherpa. This website is notable for their well researched reports and for the excellent stats they pull. Instead of focusing on quantity this website focuses on quality. If you are at all interested in marketing talk that is backed by data, graphs, and lots of research, this is the website you have been looking for. It also has excellent resources and guides for new marketers. You will end up learning something new, and you may even end up finding a new way to look at marketing.


SocialNomics covers a wide variety of topics related to marketing. What’s good about this website is that even though they don’t stick to just one aspect of marketing, they are very consistent about content quality. You may read a post about writing the best tweets, then move on to reading about how 5G will affect the future of communication, and then on to how you can create custom Google Analytics dashboards for your marketing campaigns, all on the same website. The guides they write about creating better content and reaching more people are fantastic as well.

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DMN is the place to go to for ‘industry insider’ marketing insights. The website is full of news related to the marketing industry, as well as a lot of interviews and talks with successful marketing professionals. This website is great if you are serious about your marketing career and want to understand how the industry works. DMN is also notable because it covers the type of news most marketing blogs/websites do not. You can read about the business side of marketing, with a focus on prominent marketing channels and agencies. If you want to start your own marketing company one day then this information is invaluable. There are even some posts about marketing industry insider news.

Forrester Data Insights

Yes, we know, Forrester isn’t new or unknown, but this was just too good not to mention. The Forrester Data Insights blog focuses on insights gained from the vast amount of data that Forrester collects. Forrester is one of the most prominent market research companies in the world, and their insights are invaluable. While you can’t get full datasets or reports here, you do get very interesting slices of information.

There are many more marketing websites out there full of interesting information. We would also recommend following blogs of prominent advertising mediums and channels, such as Google, because then you learn about new technologies and policy changes straight from the source.

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