The Advantages of Tumblr; The Blog Hosting Platform with many Benefits

tumblr-stickerLaunched in early 2007, Tumblr is a blog hosting platform that instantly saw 75,000 users and was acquired early on by Yahoo. One of the platforms that users really swear by for feed features and tweakability, it is not just blogs that are spread around here; there are also images and video. The service is known for making it incredibly easy to share content, and find people that share the same interests in news, topics, or reach of genre.

The iPhone app launched 4 years ago is widely used and loved, and Now there is an app for Google Glass as well. The differences between Tumblr and platforms to blog like WordPress is that Tumblr is actually the social network to go along with it; Tumblr is blogs within blogs, and the ability to interact between writers. One of the main traits of Tumblr is that it is not just you putting the material out there; it is also the vast network of others spreading around material and more room to elaborate than on a quick Tweet.

Development options that won’t give you difficulty

After you create your page and choose a theme, the ad platform support and the way in which everything is created is not a headache in the least. Once you decide on a theme that you really enjoy, there are not many issues with compatibility, as all offered themes are approved, and not just rogue plugins without any up-datable features.

Tumblr provides you with a unique email address as well, which can even enable you to leave a simple audio post from your phone, which could be in the form of a rant, topic, or an excerpt of music. Even the ability to have a custom domain name for the blog is a big plus for when you are getting users to find you organically.

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Reasons to use Tumblr for Business

The dashboard that Tumblr has for blogging easily allows users to connect to other social media like Facebook and Twitter, where you can quickly cross promote and engage users that favor those sites instead. The tagging system in place for Tumblr is great for categorizing, and just slightly different than YouTube. You have a very nice way to pitch products to people who are following you, and the means to do this reaches a bit further than just one specific channel, and is even different than the “retweet” feature on Twitter.

Currently hosting about 120 million blogs, this avenue has grown so much lately that there are also huge potentials for SEO and marketing, and it is truly one of the easiest ways to spread your business name around the global web. One of the best ways to set up small mirror and microsites as well, these can be very handy to redirect traffic to a landing page, or unique new URL.

SEO benefits of Tumblr

Getting listed on the first page of Google can be a puzzle in itself that takes time, and hopefully not too many underhanded tactics by the marketer. Having others shout out and comment about your content or blogs is invaluable, as all the search engines abide by this rule. Another great demographic of Tumblr is that half of its users are under the age of 25. Wow! This is one prized aspect of the medium; what better way to succeed in what you want to do with marketing than having the trendiest and most cutting edge eyes looking at your content?

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It is also among the list of the top 15 most visited websites in the US, and the “dofollow” backlinks that you can plant on your own and generate are good for true traffic back, and not the same as “black hat” planting tricks for SEO that may originally generate traffic, but ultimately hurt your brand and URL’s status. Throw in on top of everything that teens are coming to this medium quicker than ever, and you have one great social media site that offers many advantages for the current marketer.

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