4 Reasons to Start a Company Blog

What are the benefits of starting a company blog? This is a question that plagues many business owners. The thought of adding another thing to your to-do list can be overwhelming.

There are many reasons why companies don’t feel the need to start a blog. It may seem too time-consuming at first glance. Starting a blog may feel useless because you feel like no one cares about what you have to say. You may have difficulty coming up with original content on a regular basis.  All of these are legitimate concerns but we have compiled 4 reasons you should start a company blog.

Make Your Presence Known with SEO

When starting a business it may be hard for potential clients to find you. Blogging can take your business to the next level with increased online visibility. As a business, you want to rank highly in searches and by publishing content, you can succeed in this endeavor. The more you write about key issues in your field, the more potential clients have a chance to find your company. Though time-consuming, successful company blogs are free marketing tools. Plus, your clients will appreciate that you are writing about what you know.

Become a Thought Leader

The ins and outs of your business may seem like common knowledge to you but everyone is not well-versed in your field. Educate the public by blogging about the history of your field, your services and anything else that may grab the attention of the audience. Also, it can be helpful to your potential clients to hear the specifics of your business before they purchase your services. Your prospective clients will leave your site more informed about the industry and therefore be more confident in your services. Plus, by solving tough industry issues, you may even become a resource for others in your field.

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Build a Community

Your blog can nurture a community of individuals interested in your industry. Facilitating a successful comments section on your blog will foster collaboration and sharing among your readers. Community building is important, as you will learn more about your audience in the process. This will help you to better service the needs of your customers.

Become a real person to your clients

Your company blog can have tons of content from how to articles, listicles and much more pertaining to business. Although these things are good for business, it can be a good idea to set your blog apart. You can inject some fun into your blog by showing off your company’s culture and the personality of some key employees.

These a just a few of the reasons to start a company blog. Although starting a blog takes time and patience, you quickly begin to see the benefits. Do you have reasons why you started your company blog? Also, if you haven’t started blogging, let us know why in the comment section.

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