How Sponsorship Seekers Can Benefit From a Sponsorship Consultant

Sponsorship ConsultingWhether you are an artist or entrepreneur that has an product, idea, or website to promote, a sponsorship consultant is someone who can help take your product, assist with the branding and figure out where to best have it appear. And this is just the beginning as a consultant will offer you valuable advice, and provide demographic research. Once the demographic research has been determined it taps into statistics, and results will show exactly which people in your area or sphere of influence have purchased similar products or services in the past. This can give you great insight as far as who to target as potential sponsors and offer valuable details for inclusion in your sponsorship proposal.

If you are a looking to secure sponsors, it is always best to first review your current material. Compare your deck and sponsorship levels with competitors and be critical of your own so you can determine any areas of improvement. You may have competent personnel on staff to make the adjustments or you can reach out to a sponsorship consultant for assistance. A professional consultant will note both the positive aspects of what you already and what could be changed.

Consider partnering up with someone and participate in exclusive happenings such as red carpet events in LA, Miami, New York, Vegas, and beyond. These opportunities present great exposure for the sponsors with multitudes of ways to gets their name out. You can take advantage of press release, tv/radio and print ads, list sponsors and parking a sponsor’s brand in front of consumers who are influenced by this kind of active marketing. Also, sponsors are listed on websites and event programs. This is great promotion as the sponsor’s logo or products will register in the buyer’s subconscious after an event is over.

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Sometimes red carpet events carry the misconception that high-end lifestyle companies and the like are the usual players; there are plenty of them around but no matter what brainchild you have dreamt up, don’t be afraid to pitch consumer brands; There could be a positive place for it in red carpet sponsorship. When you are putting together sponsorship levels remember to add extra value to the sponsors involved. Think outside of the box and suggest fun sweepstakes, ticket/product giveaways, gift bags with samples, etc. If the consumer likes the product they will remember and give the sponsors valuable ROI in the future.

Big events such as NBA All Star Weekend, Rehab at the Pool in Vegas, and Spaghetti Fests need extra sparkles of glitter, continuity, and artist performances or celebrity appearances to stand out. Once those finishing touches are applied, an event can really provide a positive memorable experience for its attendees. Projects seeking sponsorship are in a highly competitive market and should pay extra attention to how they can stand out and gain the attention of a prospective sponsor.

Just another fresh touch or informational tweak by a sponsorship consultant can land you out of the red and into the operating zone. Once you let a sponsorship consultant take the wheel, the guidance you’ll receive in these pivotal times can be the last step needed, until the sun shines gracefully on your endeavor, with all its rewards.

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