ABXCORE Launches Kickstarter for its Revolutionary Ab Workout Device

abxcore_twitter_newJune 10th, 2014 — Los Angeles, CA – Los Angeles based fitness coach and trainer Omar Attalah along with his business partner and project manager Loren Khulusi will be launching the Kickstarter campaign for their premiere abdominal workout device ABXCORE. ABXCORE is a revolutionary fitness tool for men and women engineered to assist users with maintaining the proper movement of the abs and lower back during a workout.

The new device will be presented through the ABXCORE Kickstarter campaign starting Tuesday, June 10, 2014. For additional information and/or to support the campaign, please visit: Kickstarter.com/project/ABXCORE

Weighing less than 4lbs, ABXCORE features detachable arms that allow for increased range of motion, enabling the user to isolate specific muscle groups using its resistance-locking mechanism. This allows the user to work at various resistance levels offering a challenging work out for all body types.

“After stringent development and testing, I can honestly say ABXCORE has given me better and faster results than anything on today’s market,” says Omar Attalah.

Unlike traditional exercise and equipment, ABXCORE eliminates the negative side effects that typically occur in the back and neck as a result of traditional exercise. Designed for users at any fitness level, ABXCORE is a compact, affordable and lightweight structure that can be used anywhere.

Early birds can grab the device now before it hits retail markets by supporting the Kickstarter campaign – which offers several incentives. As the ABXCORE team rolls out this revolutionary product they have continued to stay focused on their primary objective of helping others lead and maintain a healthy lifestyle. To learn more about ABXCORE please visit the official website at: www.abxcore.com

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ABXCORE’s mission is to offer a workout that effectively improves abdominal strength and definition for both athletes and beginners alike. It is also the perfect workout tool for individuals facing a variety of common health and medical challenges such as injuries, weight-related issues and disabilities. It is engineered to optimally guide the user through each repetition, minimizing the risk of injury. After three years of development, ABXCORE has been designed to work each abdominal group including the upper abs, lower abs, obliques and lower back through twelve unique exercises.

Facebook: www.Facebook.com/Abxcore

About Omar Attalah

With over 13 years experience training some of the world’s best active and recovering athletes, as well as prominent figures in the entertainment industry, Omar is committed to improving the physical and mental well being of each client to their maximum potential. Because everyone is different, each wellness program is carefully crafted to the individual and is based on extensive physical tests, dietary restrictions, injuries, as well as other factors. Whether your goal is to cut weight fast, build muscle strength and endurance, recover from an injury or just make a healthy lifestyle change, you will be amazed at what you can achieve.


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