Here’s how to sell your product by using a press release

press-release-writing_distributionThere’s a great saying which goes “Build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door”. Sadly, anyone who has made a great product will be able to tell you that the saying is not true. It isn’t enough to just create something great, you also have to show people that it is great. The first step to doing that is to get them to notice you. That is why press releases services are still the main way of promoting the new and the interesting. The promulgation of the internet and the advent of social media have further enhanced the need of a good press release for any product.

Press Releases help start a conversation about you

The biggest advantage of a press release is that it is often the sole source of information about your product which gives you great leverage to drive the conversation about your product the way you want it to. When you tell people that you’re coming up with something new they are going to want to find out what it is. A well written press release provides just enough information to tantalize the readers into reporting about you. A bad press release is like a party invitation that doesn’t mention anything interesting about the party and its result will be no one showing up to the party. A good press release on the other hand will result in everybody wanting to come to your release party.

Distribution is just as important

You also need to have the right distribution method if you want people to actually read your press release. If you just send out your press release to a few news organizations they will end up ignoring it. If you email it out to journalists, it will probably just end up in the spam/junk folder of their inbox. On the other hand, if you use a professional service, your press release will reach all the right people. They will also open the press release and read it because they will know that it came from an authentic source.

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Blogs make press releases even more important

Press releases weren’t very useful in print media; print media always had an issue of space. If you lucked out and they had free space for a column they would end up using your press release but otherwise they simply didn’t have the space to right about your product. Blogs are endless and the more active they are the better they perform. This means that professional bloggers are always looking for new and interesting things to report about.

A professionally written press release will make the blogosphere interested in you. Once a few major blogs start providing coverage for your products the rest of them will have to do the same lest they wish to be left behind in reporting something important. Publicity leads to more publicity but you need to jumpstart it the right way.

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