How to Prep for the Launch of a New Product

launch-a-productThere are many things that you need to do to get audiences ready, plan for your launch, and make sure that the launch of your product goes smoothly. Getting true, worthy, organic attention has gotten a bit more difficult, as the pace of news has picked up, and getting national recognition is more trying than it used to be. There are many good things about the changing digital landscape. It may seem daunting enough to prep for the launch of a new product that it could dampen your spirits, but rest assured that the prep work needed will be well worth it; creating buzz about a brand new product can exponentially help the quarter of sales growth, and really let you hit the ground running when you need it most.

Making sure you begin early enough

The idea of having “influencers”, or users that can help get the word out about your product the most, is now not only widespread, but nearly imperative. Once you reach these folks with your product before the launch, they can use it, and hopefully write about it. It’s not just bloggers that can help you, but they are among the most valuable. If what you are offering is food, they can spread the positive word about it after trying it. Clothing, music, and travel products can be covered in great ways by bloggers as well, especially those who review with great flair and are known to really praise. There is a great tool called Topsy that goes through past tweets and finds things with a high number of shares. You can use widgets/tools such as this to find influencers, get their URL or email address, and contact them. Many will be interested in using your product to find out how great it is and telling others about it on the web.

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Come up with something out of left field

When the pre launch period is underway, having a video that is very comical, or conveying very abstract and funky persona can throw you immediately in the changing eye of viewers and potential customers. Taking a different turn quickly with an infographic seeming otherwise strange, taglines that stray from the subject, and funny things happening are always a plus. There are certain demographics that are ultimately some of the best buyers ever who will instantly take notice with this strategy. Some claim it can be risky because knowing right when to pull it out of the bag is tricky, but a general rule of the final stretch can work. For instance, if your product is one in the financial realm, and all previous pitch and concept has been about IRA’s and mortgage fears, throwing in a kink that makes fun of itself or the whole financial system in general could be a welcome break from the norm. Think about the true fringe that is rabid in buying habits, zombie trends, etc.

Transferring vital information to Sales

It does not matter if it is face to face, on the phone, or with any other medium of reaching out, the developers have to fully engage and educate the individuals on the sales force. This really goes way beyond just brand recognition and fully understanding the origins and profit model development, it goes into real company culture issues. There are so many ways to torture yourself as a marketer and worry during these processes, it’s bound to happen. It is going to always be true that presentations, personal accounts, and good old fashioned training will help build the sales force, but nothing like really feeling the flow of culture from the business. If you are a backpacking company, political organization, or charity, this could be easy, but in other circumstances, more difficult. If your focus is final success of a brand like a high tech gadget or application, and you really nail your mission statement and branding hard in training, your sales force will undertake the duties greatly. When a sales person learns enough about the brand before the launch to really be eager about the brand’s potential, it will come across much better than the sheer hunger of the close. The prep stages before a product’s launch can be the most important, and following a few helpful pointers will push your new launch in perfect direction.

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