How to use small media outlets to build your press portfolio

If you are trying to promote your brand or doing business promotion, you want to be talked about. And not just behind your back; you want national press coverage that increases your brand’s integrity and fame. But it’s a Catch-22, in order to be talked about in the media circles you need to be newsworthy and in order to be newsworthy you need to be talked about in the media circles. Many people who start out trying to create a press portfolio quickly realize that none of the big publications they contact want to give them coverage. If you have been getting the same results for your efforts you need to set your sights to smaller publications.

Small Media Outlets are the Key

Small media outlets have the opposite problem you are having; they contact national newsmakers and trendsetters, but often lose the story to bigger media outlets. Most big artists and brands only give the time of day to huge media conglomerates and very popular media outlets and don’t bother with the small media outlets at all. You’re looking for press coverage and small media outlets are looking for people to cover, it’s a win-win!

Ensuring your brand message is delivered

Be as cooperative as you can be and accommodate the small media outlets just as you would a major national media outlet. You cannot expect small media outlets to only cover what you want them to cover but you can highlight the best parts of your brand. The more positive details you provide the more positive the press coverage will be.  A little respect and professionalism goes a long way towards getting the positive press coverage your brand needs.

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Becoming newsworthy enough for the bigger outlets

When you work with a number of small media outlets your press portfolio will grow quickly. This is a great achievement in itself but it results in something even better; it leads to you being covered by some of the biggest media outlets in the world. When your brand makes a lot of waves among small media outlets you become newsworthy. Big media outlets will start covering you because they will have seen so many small outlets cover you. Sure, it’s not instantaneous, but starting small can lead to big coverage.

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