Musician Deane Nesbitt, Jr Announces New Album, Music in Search of a Movie

4PAN1TLos Angeles, CA – Tuesday, Sep 16, 2014 – Canadian musician and composer Deane Nesbitt, Jr has announced the release of his upcoming album “Music in Search of a Movie”. The 12-track album highlights a number of all original musical styles and arrangements capturing Deane’s unique approach for fusing rhythm and sound. “Music in Search of a Movie” will debut on Tuesday, September 16th and will be available at CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon and through Deane’s website,

With music composed by Deane and arranged by Brian Gagnon, “Music in Search of a Movie” features a selection of talented musicians who lend their instrumentation and vocal effects to create a combination of melodic, fun and often very moving tunes. Each track offers more than just a tune to the ear, each carries its own experience through its melody and a variety of live instruments. The opening track, “Once and Forever,” is indicative of Deane’s work, combining a melody that is full of emotion, with instrumentation and vocal effects that build to an epic level. It’s not hard to imagine music like this in film.

One of the album’s most popular pieces, a spine-tingling composition, “Anthem for the Unsung Hero,” incorporates the sound of 20 military drums and 12 pipers and has caught the attention of military groups. Since it was played last November at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre at a tribute dinner held by True Patriot Love, the largest military fundraiser in the country, it has been used as a musical score in film and performed live.

Known for creating music regarded as “filmic,” Deane has been recording by ear on piano and other keyboards for over 30 years, often playing in the key of F sharp. Playing by ear for the visually impaired, he found he could teach piano to listeners who were interested, using the raised keys as a type of Braille starting point. His first album,” On the Black Keys and by Ear”, was produced to raise money for the blind.

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Earlier in his career, after the debut of his first album, Deane entertained in Europe. Over the course of 4 albums, he’s has had the privilege of entertaining fans at home and aboard. One of his most memorable performances included playing special requests for Hollywood legend Greta Garbo.

Deane’s music is notably melodic and ranges from being quiet and haunting to grand and epic. It is broadcast internationally, has been played at concerts, weddings and other special events, has been used in film and is on iTunes,, and other international Amazons.

More about Deane Nesbitt, Jr

Apart from being a musician and composer, Deane Nesbitt, Jr. is a lawyer, businessman, landscape painter and author of an award-winning history book. He has degrees from McGill University in arts and law and a certificate from the Harvard Business School’s Owner/President Management Program. Copies of his book are habitually traded on and and are on deposit at the National Library of Canada and the Library of Congress. His paintings have sold in art shows and are included in some of his own creative works, including the cover of his illustrated history.

Official website:

Twitter: @DeaneNesbittJr

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