New Year, New Career: 5 Ways to Get Serious About Your Music Career in 2019

If you have finally decided that music is the one career that you have always wanted to pursue in life, then maybe it is time to give your dreams some serious thought. If you are really interested in a change in career, then it is high time that you jump on the bandwagon at the best possible time. And that is ‘right now.’ Or you can make it your new year resolution so that you will be able to do the homework required for a change in career. Check out a few ways you can really get your music career going:

Understand Your Own Goals

Yes, you really want to make it ‘big’ in the music game, but what does ‘making it big’ really mean to you? A lifelong commitment, or a few short-term goals?
In any case, it is important to focus on short-term goals first. If you have never had a chance to play a gig, focus on getting a slot at a local show within the next 90 days, as your very first goal.

Slacking Off Does Not Get The Job Done At All

If you want to be a ‘pro’ than you have to understand that making a living is a completely different ball game from playing music as a sort of hobby.  In other words, it is a job just like any other and you have to have to treat it the same way if you want to become a full-fledged professional. This means you can’t slack off after an hour or two of practice and then pick up the instruments after a few weeks, or at whatever time you fancy.

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Make Your Social Media Presence Really Strong

Today, music popularity has a lot to do with it going viral. By this, it is meant that you basically become really popular if your songs are picked up on social media and are shared continuously. However, for that, you have to have a really strong social media presence in the first place.

Don’t Fall Prey To Any Distractions

Many people try and join the music industry due to the perception that it is an ‘anything goes’ industry that is overflowing with alcohol and drugs. If this is why you want to become a musician, then you really need to get your priorities straight.  Yes, in some circles this may be true, but you should do well to keep as far away from them, as you possibly can. Rather you should just concentrate on making great music and putting it online so that people would get to know you through your work and talent, not your antics.

Try And Stick To What You Are Really Good At

If you are a guitarist, (for instance) then it will make more sense to concentrate on your guitar playing then trying to learn drums, at least in the initial stage. You can add to your repertoire, as you become a considerably more seasoned musician.

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