Planning Ahead: Tips to Prepare for Your Next Single Release

In a generation where music is the top most desired means of entertainment for millions of people, getting to the top with a promising career in the industry is one of the most difficult things for most artists. However, to ensure that your next single release is a hit and not a flop, it is important that you plan it from a business perspective as well as an artistic perspective.

Coming up with original and creative music is one of the most difficult things to do, more so because almost all of the tunes and melodies have already been established and used in millions of songs. Copyright issues are always a problem so artists have to be specifically careful about these things. Anyhow, here are a few tips to help you prepare for your next single release:

Creating Your Song

Regardless of the genre you choose, you should always have an in-depth knowledge on how and what the artists do to really attract audience. You must make sure that the melody or the beat of your song is charming to the ears, because without the approval of your audience, your single release might not make it to the top charts. Add lyrics to your song as you desire. If you are not good at that, you can hire a songwriter to do so for you. Lyrics are necessary since they connect to the minds of people very strongly, but you must ensure that they are unique and original for your single release to be a success.

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Social Platforms Can Be Your Key to Success

Almost half of the world’s population that indulges in music turns to apps such as Spotify, SoundCloud, SoundHound, YouTube, etc., to hear their favorite tracks and discover new ones. Although many people do buy albums and singles, is still a small fraction of the music lovers out there. Making a Facebook page for yourself, or uploading your single to SoundCloud is very likely to work in your favor by helping you gain the attention that you need for your single release to be a success. Having a lot of followers and fans on social media will help you sell your single easily and faster.

Dream Big, but Dream Realistically

Many artists and musicians make the mistake of trying to reach too high too fast. Although the saying makes sense and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t keep reaching for the stars, it is often the main reason why you might feel let down later on too. Set realistic goals, so that when your single release exceeds them, you’ll be rewarded by success and keep on working towards stardom.

Copyright & Other Legal Procedures

In order to make sure that nobody else steals your success and your hard work, always ensure that you have copyright agreements and other legal procedures well planned and sorted in advance. Doing so will eliminate the possibility of any complications later on, and if you plan well ahead, your journey is guaranteed to be a smooth and easy one.

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