Soundcloud Promotion Strategies For Upcoming Artists

Many aspiring artists feel like promoting on SoundCloud holds no potential benefit to the growth of their musical careers because they believe the platform has become obsolete and outdated. However, this is simply not true – until an artist can fulfill their own ambitions of reaching heights that surpass their predecessors, they will continue to rely on traditional methods of promotion, such as through SoundCloud. While YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music may provide new opportunities for artists to promote their music and strengthen their presence, Soundcloud can showcase new artists to important music curators, DJs, and industry professionals.

With the different algorithms and preferences in what platforms people would prefer to utilize, it’s good to try to establish some connection with this large platform. SoundCloud promotion might be a good start for some artists and/or a new platform to try to build on as well if you haven’t tried it out before. Here are some introductory things to look for when considering SoundCloud promotion services.

What Is SoundCloud?

Soundcloud is a platform of technology that enables artists and users to share their music with listeners as well as listen to other genres of music that otherwise might not exist on other social media platforms. It’s also helpful because a user can get insight into an artist’s work by listening to any combination of the master quality tracks being worked on, remixes from fans, and also finished versions of songs whenever they might happen to be released. Since these sound files are offered for free licensing it makes financial sense for an artist to share them on Soundcloud first with his/her most loyal supporters versus having it available on another website that may or may not offer similar deals.

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Why Is SoundCloud Important?

Soundcloud is a good platform to use when dropping songs because it feels more like a social media site rather than a streaming service. Artists can get instant feedback from fans, and when deciding where to drop new music they prefer to give it a go on soundcloud before announcing a release date on other platforms as they like the levels of interaction and networking it allows them.

After a song goes public, people will discover it through word of mouth, by being featured on related platforms or by being mentioned in the press. There is also the option to have collaborations with other artists to promote the music further. These platforms all offer opportunities to share media and audiences of social media can be cross-promoted too so you can connect your networks, which usually means garnering a larger audience overall.

Soundcloud Monetization

SoundCloud monetization involves contributing to the content that SoundCloud is creating by streaming other people’s music and allowing them to make money off of this rather than being paid. It pays you a percentage of your advertiser cost which means that you don’t have to get ads sold or anything like that; it’s actually completely optional. You can also see when other people are listening to your music and let you know who, letting others know that you appreciate the traffic being brought in for playing your audio. When you’re joining other creators into getting their fans involved with the content on soundcloud, those are called mashups. Your purpose is to use somebody else’s song along with yours and get that percentage out of it as well allowing them to make more money.

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Overall, Just like other platforms where you can monetize off of it, soundcloud also holds its own unique value. Since SoundCloud has already established itself as one of the best in terms of blogging platforms and also is great for your artists to be able to make money as well while they develop one’s career/fan base; You may be making most or all of your career capital off of SoundCloud but depending on what territory you are primarily doing it, there are several ways where you can make money on SoundCloud depending on what type of content you’re creating; It could be from your original works or from encouraging users to create ads that play prior to what they want to hear. To understand this better, check out this guide on how to make money with music on SoundCloud for comprehensive insights and tips.

Best Practices For SoundCloud Promotion

Soundcloud promotion is best done by creating social media accounts on SoundCloud, and by picking the right demographics since you won’t be listened to if you don’t have listeners. Rewards should be given back to users that download tracks they like, while others just upload their songs on SoundCloud hoping that people will like them. You can create your own virtual music label on SoundCloud as a way of showing support for artists that share your taste for music and also get paid when people who follow your label’s playlists download songs from them (depending on the contract agreement between you and the artist.)

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Overall, SoundCloud is a platform for artists to express their ideas and connect with fans, 

who can show their support for the artists by listening to and sharing their work. Artists get the opportunity to promote themselves on this platform and acknowledge how appreciative they are of their most loyal supporters (that consider themselves fans).
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