10 Things You Can Do To Support Your Music PR Campaign

Music has been a savior for many people, giving them an outlet to express their feelings and relate to other human beings. There are a wide variety of types of songs, based on all sorts of topics. Some can be rather relatable, such as songs about universal emotions and life experiences like love, breaking up, and hooking up, while some songs just provide fun and happy vibes all around. Whatever …

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Sweet Valentine’s Day Deal – 15% Off Digital Boost Campaigns

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Tips on Promoting Your Web Series Using Social Media

Web series are becoming more and more popular but their viewership is still not at the same level as TV series. Don’t blame the medium, blame the game. The difference lies in the marketing techniques. Web series are more similar to indie films; they’re usually made on a limited budget which means there isn’t a lot set aside for promotional purposes. However, social media is going to be the best …

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6 Ways to get your Social Media Audience to promote your Product

Once you design and implement a killer product, there are many hurdles you have to jump through as far as getting people to know about it. From a professional marketer’s standpoint, there is nothing like watching the wheels of Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram spin for you while you are spending hours truly building your business.  Once someone comments on a photo, even likes it, or better yet retweets it and …

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