Tools To Use To Stay Organized As A Musician

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If you’re a Musician currently looking to stay organized and prioritize keeping your projects all in one place, Checking out tools that can be of low cost and accessible can increase better chances of reaching your goals as an independent artist and help you stay on track to success. Most Artists don’t have the luxury of having assistants and managers to handle all tasks, or there may not be huge projects just yet as you’re getting started so you have time in your schedule to do admin work yourself.

Here are some tools and services that you can Checkout when you’re in need of organization to increase Productivity as an Artist.

Google Drive

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This might be a no-brainer for most as we always use google drive for our everyday needs for projects, media files, keeping track of excel sheets and more. Google Drive is a great place to store things that you can refer back to later on as well as help to free up space elsewhere where you may need projects to be stored on.


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Slack is an easily accessible tool to communicate with team members. As a musician if you have people on your team that you consistently work with like engineers, assistants, creative producers, photographers and graphic designers that all help with your brand, Slack is a very effective way to communicate and keep track of each responsibility that your team members provide. 

You can have the option to communicate on the go with downloading the app and it also includes chat, audio and video features as well as use the desktop feature. This increases productivity within your group sessions and you can easily put together team meet ups as well.

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This is a tool that anyone can use as a more responsible way to budget, keep track of expenses as well as plan ahead for setting a goal of how much you would like to save. As a musician aside from other personal finances, holding yourself accountable with investing in your music and brand is vital to budget in your everyday routine. Mint is a great way to keep yourself on track as well to not overly spend on projects more than everyday needs.


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Songspace is another ideal way to collaborate on upcoming projects with your team cohesively through the platform. With Songspace, you’re able to handle various tasks of chatting, planning your schedule, sharing and storing project files all in one database. This makes it an easier option to increase productivity rather than using multiple platforms like google drive, excel and sending out emails.

Not only is this a unique way to have everything in one database, but songspace also offers a newly designed way of having more control over music copyrighting and master recording when working on projects as well.

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