Top Mistakes Upcoming Artists Make

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As an upcoming artist, figuring out the do’s and don’ts in this industry can be a lot of trial and error. Most artists need guidance for their music path and the help of management, record label guidance support from friends but not all aspiring musicians may have the opportunity to have access to the same resources as experienced artists do. Here are some tips if you’re an upcoming or aspiring artist in music.

Mistakes Upcoming Artists Make

As an aspiring artist, it’s more vital to network, reach out and even collaborate to see who’s open to working together with you. This could be a simple collaboration of being added to a track with other artists’ music to give your brand more exposure or even sending over your current projects you’re working on to see what other experienced artists think. 

Additionally; There are many groups and resources where rising artists can find people in their area to connect; as well as to network. Here are some great references to getting started with making new connections as an upcoming artist:

Not Utilizing Social Media Platforms

The power of social media can get you far in your career; Whether you’re into entrepreneurial ventures, Building a brand or are already in the field as a musician. Posting consistently for your audience or sharing things like projects and upcoming releases can add more recognition to your work and build up your fanbase as well. Instagram and youtube are the best platforms to share content with this and you can also have an option to start getting monetized on both. Taking advantage of these platforms can not only build a fanbase for you, but can also help get you discovered with real record labels and get you in the right hands with real life exposure.

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Not Researching

Don’t try waiting until someone offers you an opportunity to become a part of a record label or for someone to give you a big gig; Doing the research yourself can also be a bold yet efficient move to get your work heard faster by professionals and for them to consider working with you. With us having access to resources and being able to find things faster than ever, doing research for agencies in your area that work with artists, and checking out landing pages that offer artists submissions are tasks that can be easily done and with this, you can also get god feedback if there isn’t a good fit for steps to take. This can be a rule of thumb for if you’re looking for just management, help getting started, or are looking for specific artists representation as well to help build your brand.

Not using Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has been a great investment for most artists to be able to increase streams with current songs and even get the word out there for singles. The top thing to do currently with this is to utilize tiktok or instagram influencers to build hype around your current project. Many musicians find that paying influencers to do the work for them in the promotional aspects helps a lot to make their project more successful as there are many creative ways that they can create a trending dance video or a challenge to easily go viral with the tiktok algorithm as well which will make their work more visible to others in the long run and make new listeners interested in checking out their work.

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