Why We Love Fresh New Ideas (And You Should, Too!)


There are a few things better in this world than a fresh idea. A lot of people focus on tried and tested methods because they don’t want to take risks. What these people do not realize is that we owe everything that is tried and tested to risks. The tried and tested of today is what some pioneer thought of and tried to do. We love fresh ideas because there’s a certain joy to doing something new and daring – the thrill of it and the feeling you get when you succeed is unmatchable. Here are just a few reasons you should love fresh new ideas as much as we do:

Fresh ideas move the world forward

Everything that we think of today was a fresh idea once. Imagine how the world would be if we just stuck to old methods and didn’t try fresh new things. We would still be stuck 200 years ago if we had this way of thinking. There have been many ideas which people tested even though they seemed undoable at the time. People a century ago had ideas about connecting the whole world by laying underwater cables and were thinking about connecting the whole country through trains. We owe the modern civilization to those people.

When it comes to marketing fresh matters

Marketing was made for fresh ideas. The whole point of marketing is to engage people and to capture their imagination which is easy to do if you manage to come at them with something fresh. We have all seen the same types of car commercials where the car is being driven on a beautiful road, yoghurt commercials with laughing women eating yoghurt and whatnot. When we see something that is different from the norm, we give it our attention, and most importantly, we remember it which is the whole point of marketing.

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You become a pioneer when you try fresh ideas

Being someone who utilizes and comes up with a lot of fresh ideas is the easiest way to become a voice of authority. See, the reality is that everyone wants to be doing something fresh but they lack the bravery to do it. People go with the tried and tested methods because they are afraid that if they do something new it may fail. So when they see someone getting over their fears and doing something fresh, they are in awe. Some of the biggest voices of authority we have in the world of business were once considered wrong or crazy because their ideas were so different from the norm of those days.

How to do fresh right

The most important part of using fresh new ideas is vetting them properly. No one is perfect and not all your fresh ideas will be good. You need someone with you who understands what you are aiming for and can give you proper feedback as well as ideas to make fresh ideas work. We have seen fresh ideas misfire and almost every time it can be blamed on one person going ahead with the fresh idea without discussing it properly with other people.

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