Game Plan Benefits

  • - Get to know our experienced team
  • - Save Money! Identify pain points and obstacles before they arise
  • - Find the right plan for you before you commit to a contract
  • - Understand your strengths and weaknesses better
  • - Get a detailed preview of what a campaign could look like

Game Plan Services

Project Interview

We start with a project interview & questionnaire to help us prepare for making a detailed Game Plan.

Actionable Tactics

The project tactics will outline in great detail actionable tactics to achieve your goals.

Next Steps

We will suggest a few critical first steps to get you going on the journey to achieve your goals quickly.

Feedback & Ideas

We will then provide initial feedback and ideas on how to best go about achieving your goals.

Goals & Objectives

We proceed by breaking the project goals and objectives down into easy to follow steps.

Q&A Session

We will present the Game Plan draft via a conference call and discuss any needed changes

Project Deep Dive

Our experienced team will take a deep dive into your project and work on your customized strategy.

Project Timeline

Our team will provide a yearly timeline with tasks, milestones and suggested responsibilities.

Game Plan Delivery

Following the Q&A Session we will make final tweaks and optimize the Game Plan for final delivery.

Client Features

Client Dashboard

Login to keep track of progress and communication.

Driven by Professionals

All Game Plan projects are managed by AMWs Industry Experts.


Easily expand your project scope for even greater results.

Our Process

1. Research

We review and identify the right approach

2. Development

We develop a custom project game plan

3. Presentation

We present the game plan in a Q&A session

4. Polish

We make adjustments and finalize the plan

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