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You are an innovator, not just ahead of trends, but developing them yourself. You want to keep innovating, not focusing on getting the word out about your groundbreaking new technology and into the hands of everyone in the market. That’s where we come in. We have an expansive, global network of journalists and bloggers that work with us to get you featured in magazines, blogs, podcasts, interviews and features in publications that your potential consumers are reading and listening to. Which leads to more consumers to develop more products for.

A Vast Network of Media Contacts

Our contact network includes every conceivable publication. From your corner alternative weekly, to a major web outlet with bureaus in cities across the globe, we have journalists and editors eager to cover you. How does this help you? Being able to specifically target the exact publication that your potential customers are reading or watching will help your company the most, we can customize the perfect campaign for your goals. Just a few examples of publications our clients have been featured in Forbes, Huffington Post, Tech Crunch, Wired and many more. We’re forging new connections everyday, connections that will bring your company the exposure it deserves.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to be the next featured producer, writer or artist to get major coverage!

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Technology is the Future

Rapid advances in technology have made life easier and better for humans across the globe. Years ago, we could only imagine a world where everything you need is only a click of a mouse or a push of a button away. But now, this is our reality. Keeping in touch with far flung friends is as easy as reading the news. Groceries magically arrive on your doorstep with a few swipes of your finger. In our pockets, most of us carry around a computer that’s exponentially more powerful than a Commodore 64, a better navigator than Magellan, a full photography studio, and it makes calls too. Now, most of us cannot imagine life without these developments in technology.

The Humanity in Technology

You know the ins and outs of your technology, every line of code, every silicone chip, every sleek interface. Behind that technology lies some human need. We get to know you, your tech and the story behind why you created it. We carefully craft the story of why, we drill down to the emotional core to mine the compelling reason your tech exists. You didn’t develop your technology in a vacuum, you created it in response to a problem you saw that didn’t have a solution.

Thought Leadership

You’re already a master in your field, why not become a leader. A thought leader is an expert in their field in a conversation about the current and future state of their field of expertise with the media. By positioning yourself as an expert, you generate instant credibility and buzz around you and your company. Whether it’s bringing to light little discussed problems in your industry, or predicting future trends, you create your own opportunity to shine. We can help find and secure these opportunities for you in one of our customized tech pr campaigns.

It Doesn’t Matter What Your Sector Is…

There are so many ways to create tech. Whether it’s a new phone with an unbreakable screen, a new way to listen to music, a better way to pay bills online, a smart medical device that saves lives, an innovative way to communicate with people in remote places, we can get your tech the exposure it needs to help the people it was designed to help.

We focus on getting your products in front of the right tastemakers and influencers, and into the right publications, so no matter what sector you’re in you’ll get recognition.



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