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Showcase to Thousands with Billboards

  • Choose your local neighborhood or World famous locations.
  • Catch the attention of commuters with billboard outdoor advertising.
  • Connect your brand with the right target audience.
  • Make a your next launch more memorable.

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  • Billboard Ad
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Billboard Ad Campaigns

Outdoor advertisement can be one of the most effective ways to reach your audience, especially when executed by top-notch billboard advertising companies. Done correctly, a billboard will grab the attention of anyone who sees it, just like the iconic Hollywood billboards that create awareness about your brand in the heart of the entertainment world. It’s one of the oldest and continually used forms of advertisement for good reason, making outdoor advertising in Hollywood an undeniable force.

Billboards are generally located near high traffic areas where an overabundance of drivers and pedestrians will see your advertisement. The process of buying billboards is strategic, as it involves careful consideration of these high-traffic areas. Many people spend more time in transit these days than they do at home, so there are many benefits to utilizing this powerful form of advertisement, especially when you choose to advertise on Times Square, a hub of activity that guarantees exposure.

Different Options

We can showcase videos, animation and regular billboard ads that fit your project.

Online Client Dashboard

Keep track of campaign progress and communicate with the team in our Client Dashboard.

Thousands of Billboards

We have direct access to thousands of the best Outdoor Billboards in the World.

Billboards Are Always Hard At Work

Unlike commercials and radio ads that are shown a few times per day, fixed billboards are always displaying your message to the public, a concept that billboard adv fully supports. TV and radio commercials can also be fast-forwarded or skipped, but consumers will have no choice but to see the billboard as they pass by. Especially if it’s a Times Square billboard, it’s pretty difficult not to see it. The ads are also free to your audience, they don’t have to buy a newspaper or pay for a television channel to be able to view your message.

Location, Location, Location

The placement of your advertisement is meant to reach the customers while they are already in a shopping mindset. When considering square advertising, Times Square advertising emerges as a prime choice. Finding a place to reach your specific customers will help drive sales to people who are already in the mood to buy what you’re selling. If it’s in the right location, you could get a serious return on your investment. For example, if you are a musician and you’re advertising an upcoming show or an album release, finding a billboard to advertise on near a performance venue or an establishment that sells music would be ideal.

Brand Awareness

With the right advertising concept, your brand awareness could go through the roof. This is especially true with Times Square’s billboards, which are often vibrant and impossible to ignore. Using large, bright, eye-catching imagery and concise information is the way to go. Reaches the highest percentage of households out of newspapers, tv, and radio ads. In fact, it’s the only form of advertising where the advertiser has complete control of the ad space, meaning no other media allows your message to be seen 24 hours a day.
Billboards target a wide variety of customers with repetition. The old advertising adage is that it takes a customer 7 times of seeing something before taking action and making a purchase.

New Technology

With the creation of digital billboards, advertisers also have the option of short or long term marketing. In some situations, it can be cheaper than a full, hard copy billboard as well.

Billboards do, however, tend to make the most profit when accompanied by another advertising medium, such as tv or radio. This is because if there are any key elements your audience has forgotten or missed (such as website, phone number, etc) this will remind them and give them the missing information they need in order to make a purchase.


Placing the ad near your business or performance venue, like those in Times Square, will help guide customers to that location. Especially if it reminds them they are in need of that item or want to purchase tickets to your show. They have the opportunity to stop right there and go to your location and make a purchase. It can also increase digital sales because after seeing the billboard, customers can go online directly and make a purchase. A significant amount of shopping is done on the way home from work. What else are you going to do while you sit in traffic? Consumers report contemplating these purchases while they’re at work and while they’re on their way home. The average American spends 48 minutes per day driving.

Suitable for different project types

Artists & Musicians
Small Business
Lyfestyle Brands
Social Influencers
Gaming Apps
App Developers
Local Organizations
Sports Organizations
Restaurants & Cafés
Travel Agencies
Live Events
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