4 Reasons Social Media is the Best Music Promotion

Millions of people are on social media every day, it’s become the easiest way for you to communicate and connect with your audience. Thanks to social media it’s easier than ever to get your name and music out there. Which is why it should be an intricate part of your marketing campaign, if not the main part. 

You can use social media to promote new announcements, merchandise, build rapport with your audience, and easily connect your audience with your music. People want information fast, so having a bigger online presence can form trusting bonds and interest in your music promotion. Here are 4 basic tips & tricks to getting your social media accounts to help your career take off:


Your brand and/or products can be shared easier and quicker than ever before, with the right audience. A simple post, even on your story, can generate attention and buzz around your music. Through in-app analytics you can see how many people are engaging, how they’re engaging, and when they’re engaging with your social media accounts. These analytics will help you to find the right target audience. This tool can also help you to know when and where to post most often. 

Within most social media apps is a “trending” page, these types of pages help you to better know what your target audience is talking about. Getting help from social media experts can assist you with content schedules and other proven strategies will exponentially develop, grow, and manage your social media accounts.

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Right now, videos are the most consumed posts on most social networking sites. People want to see you and how you live your life, whether in a post, live video, or IGTV. Posting videos can be a good way to increase engagement. They also help your followers to see you more often and in real time, which humanizes you and helps them to better connect with you. Be careful not to over saturate your social media with videos, too many videos can just as easily create disinterest in your followers.

Semi-regularly engaging in live videos is the best way for you and your audience to connect. It facilitates real time interaction, which helps you become more of a real person to your fans. Live videos can be used for upcoming announcements or events, Q&A’s, how-to’s, and more. Read some comments and respond to them in the video so your viewers know you’re interested in interacting with them just as much as they are with you.


Although videos may be the leader in post engagement, images are a close second. It’s the first thing they’ll see when they go to your social media page. For this reason, your images must be exceptional. Simple, high quality/definition, and they should fit with the aesthetic established for your social networking sites. Even the feature images for your videos must look good, the look of the first image could be the deciding factor of whether they watch the video or not.

Give Back

While sharing your life through social media can help your followers connect with you, it’s also important to participate back with them. Think of it as a two way relationship, they show you love, you show them love. You can follow some of your more active fans back, like their posts, and even comment every once in awhile. Not only is this exciting for them but it encourages them to engage back with you. If you have a show coming up let them have a say in something you wear or a song that can be featured at your next concert/performance. Doing this shows them you care about them, and makes you more real to them. Lastly, don’t forget to thank them because without them you wouldn’t be where you are. 

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