4th of July – Special Discount Offer


Pro Launch – Special Offer

Take advantage of the following special offer available to past and prospective clients until July 25th. 

Get Great Media Coverage for Product, Events and Service Launches

Whether you have invented the latest gadget, developed an app, written a book, started a new business, designed a clothing line, produced a major hit or promoting an event, the Pro Launch campaign is a great option.

We plan launches meticulously in advance to ensure the best possible exposure. Our experienced team will customize each campaign to include online, traditional and social media coverage and the results are amazing!

Timeline: 2-6 months

Learn more: www.amworldgroup.com/pro-launch

Pro Launch – Standard
Special Offer: $3,500 /month
(reg. $5,000/month)

Pro Launch – Premium
Special Offer: $7,500 /month
(reg. $10,000/month)

Contact us here to get the special sign-up link before it’s too late.

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