5 Quick Tips to Improve Your Social Media

social_media_tipsToo many companies end up running dry, boring social media accounts. It’s easy to see why so many people find it hard to create a good social media presence; social media is social, and to be social you need a personality. The aim of social media presence is to make people aware of you as well as make people engage with you. Without social media engagement there is no point to having a social media page. If you think that your company, brand, or artist’s social media page is uninspiring here are 5 quick tips that will improve your presence.

Create a personality

Your social media presence needs to have a personality or a tone. Instead of just being an organization or brand, see what your company represents and start acting like it. Most companies end up playing it safe and create posts which are too corporate to engage with other people. Some of the best social media accounts there are right now have clear personalities – and people like talking to them, because having a personality gives the brands a persona.

Don’t advertise

You should try to avoid posting straight up advertisements on your social media accounts. This might sound counter-intuitive but it makes perfect sense. Put yourself in the shoes of the customer. They are checking Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other social media feed. They want to see stuff they are interested in, not an ad. An advertisement is just an obstruction to them. No one is going to follow a company that just posts its ads online.

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Be the first one to talk

A social media account doesn’t have to wait for people to come and talk to it, it can also start conversations with people. Most social media networks have great search features built in. Find out things related to your product or services and start talking to people. Give people advice and hints about how they can solve their problems and they’ll be interested in your social media accounts forever.

Talk Back

When you send out a tweet or post something on Facebook, your work isn’t done, it has just started. Social media management isn’t about posting content, it is about engaging with people through content. So when someone comments or replies to your post, it is vital that you answer them as quickly as you can. Once people see that your account actually answers and talks to them, they will be interested in hearing what you have to say.

Don’t be serious

If you want people to notice you, you will have to crack a joke once in a while when appropriate. No one is interested in following a boring account that only posts promotional material; however people are interested in accounts that create genuine content but aren’t afraid to have some fun when the time is right. Get in on social media trends and make topical jokes. Just make sure your don’t post anything inappropriate and you will be fine.

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