5 Common Misconceptions about Business PR

In this day and age, PR is something that almost everyone has a clear cut idea about. There’s absolutely no question in one’s mind when it comes to such things, not because they’ve had their own experience in the field, but because of how television series and movies, as well as the media, portrays it to be. Of course, there’s some truth in the way it is portrayed but there are a lot of misconceptions as well. Here are some common misconceptions about Business PR:

It’s All About Glamour

Contrary to what is portrayed in the media, PR professionals don’t really have a life that is all about glitz, glam and all things beautiful. The cash flow is amazing, undoubtedly, but that doesn’t mean the work that PR managers or experts do is easy to handle. There are a lot of mind-boggling decisions that need to be made, and one mistake can have the most horrid consequences.

PR Professionals Just Drink All Day

This is so far from the truth, it’s not even funny. PR professionals have to be on top of their game at all times, especially when it comes to the business aspect of it. This isn’t to say that they don’t drink at all, but that that’s not all that they do all day. They’re highly qualified individuals who have massive understanding in the media and all that comes with it.

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It’s a 9-to-5

A lot of people think that the only thing PR professionals do is show up to work, finish their 8-hour shifts and get back to drinking or partying. However, the field of PR is not an easy one and most people who work in the field can’t even get a break even after they’ve returned home. The fact of the matter is, gathering content that really speaks to the audience is not an easy job.

PR Delivers Results Instantly

Again, maybe the way PR is portrayed has a huge role to play in this misconception. The thing is that the dirty work or hard work is barely ever displayed for the audience to watch. PR services require a substantial amount of time as each media trend has to be taken into perspective. These services require impeccable attention to detail and are streamlined to produce results in real time; in most cases, traditional PR services produce results over a 6-12 month time frame.

PR is Only For Large Businesses

Another common misconception that people have regarding PR is the fact these services are only a viable choice for large businesses, however, this is the farthest thing from the truth. Irrespective of market share and size, every business can avail the profound benefits of investing in these services. Furthermore, there are thousands of startup companies using PR services to cement their position in the market and the media.
All of these misconceptions mentioned above, exonerate the fact that many people do not fully understand the world of public relations. Hopefully, these points will help clear any ambiguity you might have.

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