5 Proven Ways To Make Money With Music

Making your music profitable in the coming year can have a transformative impact on your career. There are many ways to make money from your music, including streams you receive from other artists, the revenue you generate through strategic planning as well as creative strategies that allow you to monetize off of related parts of your brand.

Although the music industry has been similar to the intersection of public relations and marketing, artists have had to learn how to make money using their digital presence, which has thrust them into the forefront of digital marketing. They must pass traffic from one point and convert these points through a series of methods into paying customers, who happen to be loyal fans.

It’s essential to find creative and ingenious ways to stake your claim in the music world. The internet is a treasure chest of opportunities: explore new platforms you can utilize or work with others to help you drive new customers toward your professional endeavors. Here are five tips for safeguarding your music business by generating additional income during this time.


Internet marketing is one of the best ways to acquire sales quickly because it allows you to target your audience without needing millions of dollars or a big following on social media. Some Effective ways to do this include making good use of influencer marketing, such as reaching out to Influencers in the Instagram, YouTube, or Instagram Tiktok space for authentically marketing your music; leading to viral exposure.

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A successful way of reaching out to these media personalities is to create campaigns that involve them creating a dance challenge with your song, creating a trend on reels, or with a short video on their YouTube platform. That will allow you to get that new audience creatively hooked into your music!


Affording a career in music with only the profit from selling music can be tough, which is why it’s important to have multiple ways of generating income. Selling merchandise such as t-shirts, lanyards, posters and vinyls can allow an artist to supplement royalties while still gaining attention from his or her audience, and these hard copy objects are a major way for fans and listeners to display devotion and support for their favorite acts!


Live performances nowadays are a luxury in that people are trying to stay healthy, going to shows has become much less popular however it’s still possible to do so in a way that can have positive effects. You can still perform live events despite the pandemic by either making a concert happen offline or inviting your audience members to watch you via an online broadcast. This is an appealing idea for fans who live far away from where you are performing and also gives them one more reason to support you monetarily.


Another strategy with making an income off of selling your music is by collaborating and cross-promoting with a musical artist that you like or maybe even one that’s on the rise. This can help both you and the collaborator gain promotion for your brands from various platforms, such as social networks, Youtube channels, etc… As a lead into a call to action for more customers to check out other things such as merchandise or upcoming events, this strategy involves gaining new customers and. or gaining new listeners for your music who are also interested in what else you have to offer online.

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NFT’s are predicted to be one of the biggest things that happened in 2021. Not only in the music industry but can be seen worldwide in other markets firsthand. Artists have found that selling non-fungible tokens, or digital artworks for NFTs, is a way to give them passive income while also allowing buyers to own something they appreciate – whether it’s something they see themselves using continually or because it has a personal value attached to it.

People want to own this type of asset, and thanks to the crypto sphere, they can now be part of a growing market to earn payments from owning a digital asset.

All five of these methods can be mixed and matched to create a unique income stream. If you are lacking in one area, focus on another. In the end, you will find a way to make money through your music.

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