Here are 5 Ways Creating a YouTube channel can Catapult your Brand to the Forefront

youtubechannelYouTube is the online marketing avenue most often forgotten about. Many companies have very active Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram account but they do not even have a presence on YouTube. These companies are making a huge mistake and missing out on lot of engagement as well as awareness. You can easily overtake the competition through YouTube because chances are that your competitors don’t even exist there. It is a battleground with no enemies, so taking it over is going to be a breeze.

1.  Video is the most engaging format we have right now

Video is easily the most immersive media format we have up till now. Nothing requires lesser effort on the part of the viewer to correctly visualize and imagine what you want them to visualize and imagine. Twitter isn’t very engaging and writing a long post doesn’t really work on social media. You cannot expect people to listen to an audio recording about your company. Video, however, is seen by people all the time.

2.  Videos can tell a lot more

Videos also have the capability to communicate a lot more than any other form of media. You don’t even need to do a big budget production; you can simply have people sitting in front of the camera talking about something interesting. Once you start doing videos you will be surprised by how naturally they come to you. Talking to people face to face is the most effective way to talk and when you make a video you essentially put a face to what you are saying. Once you’re used to being in front of the camera and can treat it like the audience itself you will find video making to be a breeze.

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3.  The competition is light

Very few is doing video properly. You will find some big brands that knows how to market their videos online but it is a rarity. There are a lot of people online who only prefer watching videos and don’t really follow social media. These people love YouTube and spend a lot of time on it every day. You will be one of the few speaking to these people (take advantage of the light competition).

4.  YouTube is the key to all other social media

The secret of YouTube’s success is that it is the media which is most often spread on social media. You will find YouTube links everywhere – Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit, and more. Video allows you to quickly capture the attention of all the major social media networks.

5.  It builds trust among your audience

This is the most oft overlooked advantage of YouTube. Put yourselves into the minds of the consumer and think like them. They are looking for companies what service a particular industry. What will they find? Websites that praise the company and social media accounts posting the same type of information. People will think about who to contact and will try to compare their services based on the limited information they get from websites and social media. On YouTube, you can have your employees make videos and put a face to the company. When they come to meet, you they will recognize the people from the videos as well. It is a great effort at humanizing your company and making you more approachable.

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