How To Beat The Instagram Algorithm

Everyone is unsatisfied with how Instagram has been doing things lately; From pushing IG reels video to now showing how many likes posts got on some pages, to transitioning the likes button from the bottom of the page to the top, to putting shopping through the platform as an option and more. The most controversial topic is that Instagram’s Algorithm has not been the same as it was years ago. No one is really sure of why this is happening on the app so there are many ways that people are trying to “beat the algorithm” and strategizing ways in which their post can achieve the engagement and reach it deserves but there are many ways that this involves engaging more with others. Here are some strategies that can help your content get more reach and engagement despite the algorithm being in shambles.

Join Engagement groups

There is some talk around not joining engagement groups or that it’s not the best strategy, but joining small ones to start off can help your content get seen more and is most important with the 30-60 minute rule of engagement when first posting. The first hour of posting on Instagram is important because Instagram detects that if it’s getting x amount of engagement in that first hour and people viewing your post; It’s worthy of being shown to others and will then be able to be posted to a wider audience via Instagrams explore page.

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Joining engagement groups are when you create Instagram groups of similar niched people that are willing to help with engaging on that post and in return you’re doing the same to help out each others content. This is the easiest way to start out with your content being seen in the most important hour time frame and it can help your content be actually pushed out to people that are following you as Instagram doesn’t consistently let posts be seen to all followers.

Alert Audience

After you’ve posted a new photo, it’s helpful to alert your audience that there’s a new post via insta story. This drives more traffic to your Instagram as well as gets people interested in checking out other content that they may have missed over time. Instagram also gives an option to share on other social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook before you post so that they can be more interactive with your latest posts and has been very helpful to get reach and get your content in front of people from those platforms that don’t currently follow you or may not keep up with all your content on there.

Check Your Data

The easiest tool implemented in Instagram’s app to check on your data and analytics is in the insights tab of our pages. This holds key information from data that Instagram has gathered overtime to seeing how you use the app, and how and when your audience engages with it. Utilizing insights can help you better prepare for future posts by checking out the time that is best to post and the best days to post as well. It also has information like male to female ratio of your audience, states that best interact with posts, and more. Using this information that Instagram has given you customized to your page can help you implement it when distributing content. 

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If you see that you have a more male audience but want to be more focused on connecting more with the female community, you can prepare content and captions surrounding what will get more interaction from females and how you can be more valuable with the female community vice versa. Insights on Instagram has been very useful for strategizing with your account and once consistently focusing on what times and days are best to post; It can be better with beating Instagram’s Algorithm as well as seeing successful results for a better reach. 

Save Posts

Saving posts on Instagram is a fairly new feature as people don’t really know about it and is the most powerful right now when interacting with a post to gaining a higher reach. The saves tab that people don’t notice is almost like a bookmark tab by a picture that people can click and save as inspiration or create a group for things.

This is almost like the app Pinterest where it’s all about finding inspiration. Within the Pinterest app, when you come across an idea or post that you want to later revisit or save in a folder, it can be saved by pinning or saving it into a group or customized named pinned folder that matches the theme that you want to create. This is the same with the saves feature. When saving posts of people that you’re following this can help it be pushed farther into the algorithm to get that posts seen by others.


Along with Saving posts, sharing others’ posts is helpful well as you can share it to messages and dm’ing  it to others and you can also send a text showcasing others’ content. Any of the sharing or saves tools can help better alert Instagram that the post is being engaged with and people are interested in your content. When joining the Engagement groups, the objectives of the group are to do these 2 things for the best results in beating the algorithm as well.

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These methods are the most popular with trying out ways to beat Instagram’s algorithm and to get your post seen to a wider audience. The most important thing to remember is when Instagram comes out with the newest feature to utilize it within your posting strategies and interacting with your current audience as the app enjoys when users are pushing out their new features and in return will help you get your content shown around to more people as well for them to use them!

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