How to Use a Press Release to get your Project the Attention it Deserves

press_release-writingThere is an incredibly true statement out there in the marketing world about publicity and the ways in which you can obtain it. “Some of the most successful people out there are not necessarily the most talented, but the best marketed”. Now, we all know there are amazing exceptions to the rule. Of course some of the acts, artists, and companies that work the hardest of anyone will always dominate the landscape, and you absolutely have to have substance, greatness, finesse, and a killer appeal for your product. But when you have a big release, appearance, or important engagement on your itinerary, it can be very important to set a kinetic wheel in motion that will allow others to see it: thereby beginning your utterly valuable relationship with the press. When writers, ad agency folks, and other outlets see the words “For Immediate Release”, whatever you are grabbing their attention with next could spread like wildfire.

Having Interesting things to Announce

What a press release can really do for you once it gets into motion, is get your project in front of people that may not see it otherwise. No matter how hard you work at your craft and its character, without a press release your product simply has to speak for itself in a sea of other URL’s, Feeds, and groups. In many cases, your act or entity can do quite well on its own, as people stumble across it and spread it to others. People that follow your brand organically will always benefit you and build up your prowess, but using the power of the press is very important. If you just switched companies, wrote a new book, have a celebration or anniversary coming up, or even if you are working with a charity, these are things that the public will want to read about.

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Tips on the Release Itself

Keeping the contents of the Press Release to one page is of great importance, as is keeping it interesting. Writing a very good press release takes time, and can absolutely get you mentioned in the media, and also have bloggers pick up your announcement. This can also lead to people that you really want finding your website or product, and literally overnight. Bloggers’ insight provides not just new followers, but a commentary on your subject that you simply just may not be able to make on your own. Attaching a very professional looking photo will also help by leaps and bounds, and the standards are always changing on this. For a quick blog/update or etc, 5-10 megapixel photos convey the idea, while Samsung smartphones and newest cameras offer way above the 30 megapixel realm. Overselling yourself can be a peril, but simply announcing will do a lot of good for you in the long run.

Having your content spread Broadly

Once a major outlet picks up your release, the links, comments, and spreads abound quickly. Having a very compelling and creative title will also help your call to action, and making sure that someone important doesn’t trash the press release right away. Once the Release is proofread and ready to go, there are online distribution sites that will help you on your journey to readership as well. Some of them cost and some don’t, but they help stoke the fire and get your idea out there in the beginning on top of where you send emails to. Your personal downline as far as marketing contacts are another prime target that you need to be sending this to; they will respond to it warmly and spread it to their valuable inside folks as well. When you finally write and distribute a press release you are stepping into an upper level ballgame, where your global reach can grow exponentially by the seconds. Having your project’s word spread to the big guns is essential, and your press release will help get you there with its tone and candor.

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