How to Shoot your Own Content without a Photographer

With starting out your brand, it’s important to stay up on content and to produce different things to keep consistency and to gain more engagement with your supporters and future audience! Things like this can be costly and sometimes be a pain as you would have to invest in photographers and services to help make sure your brand is being represented in a great way. There are different ways that …

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5 Ways Your Company Can Kill It Online

It’s no secret that the internet and other new technologies have taken over. This very post is likely being read on the internet, whether on a computer, phone, or on another electronic device. Everything and everyone is on the internet today, your company should be too.

5 Tools Everyone in the Music Industry Should Be Using

The business side of the music industry isn’t easy to manage. There are a lot of complexities, plus the fact that you are trying to run a business based on creativity means that standard management tools won’t be very good for you. The good part is that the last few years have been great for music industry management. Many fantastic tools have been released that make it much easier to …

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