Taking Advantage of Shopping Holiday Deals

Shopping can be stressful. Add in the added bonus of clearance during shopping holidays like Black Friday and Cyber Monday and the options can become overwhelming. It makes you wonder if the deals are worth all of the long lines and parking nightmares. If Black Friday isn’t your thing, sit at home in the comfort of your PJs and shop Cyber Monday deals. Here are a few tips to help you navigate this shopping holiday season

Know What You Want

The key to finding the best deals is going into these sales knowing exactly what you want to buy. If you don’t, you will easily get sidetracked looking at all of the items on sale. Only then do we become overwhelmed with decision making. Know what you want before you head to the store and your life will be all the saner for it.

Set A Budget

It’s easy to get carried away during holiday shopping. $100 here, $500 there, a few knick-knacks later and before you know it you’re way over budget. Set your budget ahead of time so you don’t incur an unexpected hit to your bank account.

Do Your Research

Start researching your top stores and items you would like to purchase before the sales begin. Check online a day or two before and get acclimated with the best deals. Write it all down and make a decision on what items you will buy where.

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Be Organized

Take all of that information with you the day of and be the most organized shopper.  Sometimes items are available through multiple retailers. It’s your job to weed through them and find the lowest price. List out all of the items you want and the prices at each retailer, then make your decision. You have to understand which deal is best for you. While stores just run on price cuts, there are often times when a store may offer a smaller price cut but offer a free gift card or an additional item.

For example, two stores put the exact same gaming system on sale. The original price is $500. Store 1 puts the item on sale for $200 while Store 2 puts the item on sale for $250 + customer receives a $50 store credit + a video game to accompany to the system.

Depending on your needs, one deal may sound better than another. There are tons of deals out there like this. Sift through and see what works for you.

Get Online Early

You don’t want to take a chance and find out your items are sold out. Get online early and make sure you are able to take advantage of the deals you have been waiting for. It’s also helpful to find out exactly when the deal begins. Some stores have an entire week of sales, some are Thanksgiving doorbusters, others are Black Friday specials while some are exclusive to Cyber Monday.

Check For Codes

Make sure you are receiving the deepest discount you possibly can for Cyber Monday. Some websites do not automatically apply discount codes at checkout. You have to manually enter the code. To do this, make sure you check the home page of the website you’re ordering from for the discount code you should apply. Some websites automatically apply and in those cases you are safe. You can also use Chrome extensions like “Honey” to help you find the best code.

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Holiday shopping doesn’t have to take a toll on you. Follow these easy steps and you will take care of all of your shopping needs in one weekend.

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