The Benefits Of Internet Radio Promotion

It seems like there are a million places to go when it comes to placing your music these days. And there are just as many questions. Is it more important to focus on digital streaming or traditional radio? What about internet radio? Which one counts towards charts and which one is dying out? Do any of them give you a better bang for your buck? 

Fortunately, there are simple answers to all of those questions. If you don’t know where to start, internet radio is a great place to look. While you can find success with any of these outlets, internet radio airplay has some decidedly clear benefits, particularly for newer artists. It’s a cross-section of all the best parts of each music playlisting platform. Internet radio is responsible for almost 80% of listening hours in regards to music, 70% of that usage coming from the mobile market. This means that more than half of an artist’s potential audience is using this to listen to their favorite music. That also makes this a perfect opportunity for artists who do not reside in highly populated areas and are therefore less likely to reach a large audience even if they were to get their music played on a traditional radio station.  


Internet radio stations can be reached from anywhere in the world. This means that not only can your audience find you whether they’re home or on the go, but it’s also easy to get consistent plays from your followers. 

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Audience Targeting 

Artists can select other mainstream artists whose genre is similar and be placed on the same radio stations with internet radio, so their music can find just the right audience. You can even choose specific demographics once you know your audience well, to ensure successful targeting. 


Metrics are so important to any brand and with internet radio, you get important data about the audience your music attracts. When someone plays your music you will get detailed information almost immediately on the audience demographics, how they rate your music, and which of your songs have more growth potential. You’ll also be able to find out where your music does well geographically. 

Better Sound Quality

Internet radio can offer better sound quality than regular radio, so your music can be listened to the way it’s meant to be heard. Since the reception is not dependent on faulty radio towers and other environmental factors, your audience will receive more consistent sound quality whenever they seek out your music. 


Several internet radio channels also have the added benefit of awarding points to artists who are doing well on their station. These points allow artists the opportunity for sync licensing (this allows visual media outlets i.e. television and movies, to purchase your songs to use in their projects) and label submission. 

Fewer Advertisements

Artists don’t have to worry as much about losing audience members from the station their song is playing on due to them trying to avoid commercials. There aren’t as many on internet radio and listeners often have an upgrade option to avoid them altogether. When your audience has an all-around smoother user experience than they do on other outlets, they’re more likely to tune in more frequently, for longer periods of time. 

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