Ways To Beat The Instagram’s Algorithm

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Instagram’s algorithm is known for changing more often than we would like it to and can play a huge part in overall content creator feedback. The algorithm dictates how well your content will do in your feed, who it’ll get shown to and how well your posts do with engagement and reach on the platform. As users of the platform we never know when Instagram will end up changing the algorithm, but staying up on key insights like the best times to post, what type of content your audience enjoys, and also gaining more awareness of how Instagram ranks content, will give you a better chance at being in good standing within the algorithm. 

This will also put you in a better position with getting the most out of the app when it comes to using Instagram as a tool for getting your posts seen by a larger audience and networking with others. Here are some tips on how you can get your content ranked on the explore page, how Instagram overall pushes content to get shown on other people’s feeds, and more.

When Instagram first launched their app, The algorithm was more “fair” in a way for users as they showed content in chronological order throughout the day so you would know who posted in real-time without missing anything!

Instagram’s current strategy of the algorithm is making each person’s feed curated and customized with them seeing posts that matter most to them. They classify this by what posts people are liking and how much time they spend on checking out certain content, with the explore page and reels.

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When your content gets pushed out onto the explore page, this better helps maximize your engagement rate and to attract a newer audience as well. The explore page is where you will find the most relatable content based off of your interaction with content within the app and is where you will find most of the viral worth posts.

Instagram’s logic behind what they decide to showcase on your personal explore page is based on what posts you’ve liked in the past and what posts you’ve also saved. Based on this, it gives the app a signal on what to showcase overall on the explore page and they will show more pages similar to that niche of your interest. This is a great strategy to keep in mind how you and others overall interact with the content that you put out.

Instagram’s strategy for others to be at an advantage with getting content at higher reach is through saves and shares as this can help the momentum of them knowing what content to put on the explore page Before comments and likes were the most vital for creators, but now shares and saves are the best way to get your content out there.

Check out Instagram’s Recommendations and guidelines on what content they do not put out based on sensitivity and potentially upsetting content.

Overall, Instagram’s concept with ranking content goes back to how you are using the app and who you are engaging with. This is an important practice as some people may use engagement groups, or overall interact with people just to be active, but the content may not be suitable for their niche or interest.

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In the long run, this might make your page unenjoyable as Instagram will showcase you more pages and unrelated content based on what you’ve interacted with. The key to getting users at a better advantage at beating the algorithm would be to essentially engage with creators’ profiles that are similar to their niche. This way the same users could also interact which will make your content get showcased to more specific people that are interested in your content, will give you more opportunity to be on the explore page, and put you at a higher reach with your content.

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