Why You Should Use The Clubhouse App and How It Can Help Your Brand

Clubhouse has been a popular most talked about app this new year and is currently in Beta version for testing and only allowed to be tested by current iPhone users. This app is known as a Social audio platform and is invite-only. After becoming a part of the platform, a lot of users have discovered ways that this has impacted them in major ways to grow their brand and to make them successful throughout growing their brand. ClubHouse is a good way to tune in to connect, collaborate, share an experience or get advice on how to start your own ventures. Here are some ways that it can help grow your brand and how it can impact you as an Entrepreneur, Content Creator, and Artist!

Connect with people in your Community

With Clubhouse, you have the option to choose your interest while creating your profile and this maximizes the number of audio chats that you can explore and talk in. They have many interests that you can add to your profile like Religion, art, entertainment, business, crafts, and many more specific ones to niche down what you’re really interested in checking out within the platform. Once you join and you see groups that are in your interests to join the audio chat rooms, you can start connecting and simply growing your audience by speaking in the rooms. Creating a really detailed bio in your profile and linking your platforms and sites is a must to be able to get the most value of the platform and for others that you connect with to find you.

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Management tool

This is a great way for others to be able to connect for work meetings or outside of work. Whether you need to host a meeting or set up projects outside of the busy workdays, Clubhouse gives the flexibility to use this as a social platform as well as a way to connect with workers to be able to organize, plan and share creative ideas with the option of “pinging” people in the room to join, and you’re also able to make your own rooms to discuss any topic that’s needed at the time. Although you’re not able to physically work hands-on with a project within the app; It’s still a space where you can feel more connected through the audio-only feature and can productively share ideas and get feedback from others within the group.

Get Discovered

The platform is unique in a way that there could be a room chat filled with hundreds to thousands of people that are waiting for their turns to speak and will be able to get you discovered and gain engagement not just within the app but on all your social media platforms. Within the platform, you can find celebrities that are also speaking as moderators in chat rooms and can also connect with them through asking questions and gaining information from other people that may have other questions. 

When joining rooms, you can also have the opportunity to speak and share your life story as well as showcase your talents. There are some rules strictly dedicated to hosting talent shows as well as acting rooms as well; Which is something you don’t see often in other platforms as it’s a live and active audience. 

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Get Advice From Professionals

Along with being able to get others to discover you on this new app and networking with others, you’re also able to get live sessions from professionals that are there to host the chat room to answer questions you may have in your career path and are able to get more insight from a professional standpoint on things you can do to take your career to the next level. Joining these chat rooms to be able to get advice is great to see things you’re missing and can sometimes get you more opportunities and recognition from work that you’re already doing as an Artist! 

Keep Active

This audio app is very limited in things you can do within it as it has no other features other than inviting people and tapping into a chat room but can be an addicting way to stay active and to show up. Once accepted into the app and you’re able to join as a speaker, you will notice the amount of engagement the audience will bring and will get authentic feedback and more people interested in what you’re up to and what your brand has to offer which can trigger a high volume of wanting to be engaged; Not only within the app but within your other platforms to be able to show up and make yourself presence. This has been one of the main reviews from a lot of users on the platform and has been a great strategy that people have found to have worked lately with getting more in tuned to staying social during the times of the pandemic.

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“Nearly every social media platform has turned its top users into stars: YouTubers, Viners, Dubsmashers, TikTokers, even LinkedIn influencers. Now, Clubhouse, an audio-only app that built its name with tech investors before expanding into entertainment, is trying to cultivate its own local celebrities. “ – Taylor Lorenz 

Podcast - Los Angeles
Trailblazing podcast host and women in tech superconnector, Espree Devora, becomes the face of the Clubhouse app. Espree is a podcast producer and host championing women in tech globally while also building community in the Los Angeles tech eco system aka “Silicon Beach.” She’s been selected to be the new icon of Clubhouse, 2020’s most influential audio social networking app. The app alters their icon every couple of months to a new member in the Clubhouse community.

The New York Times has stated that Clubhouse is Currently Making a Way for Influencers with this new app release and with all the rave the App has been getting proves to be true.

With Clubhouse being just released late last year, it is still fresh to the app marketplace scene and is highly recommended for people to take advantage now while it’s still being talked about and new to the public. This might be one of the greatest methods to growing your platform and connecting with others and has impacted many others with skyrocketing their brand and businesses.

The audio app has really set the tone and switched up the dynamic within ways that we can be social this year as well as stay productive at the same time. Networking has always been a key thing to do to connect with others and set yourself up for the best opportunities and Clubhouse is one of the most popular ways to get started just through a mic!

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