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Sponsorship Power Toolkit

  • sponsorship proposal
    Sponsorship Power
    Toolkit for Developing Sponsorship Proposals
    Make a winning sponsorship proposal and utilize proven strategies to sell your sponsorship packages.

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  • Includes The Following Documents:
    1. Sales Strategy Guide: How to Pitch & Secure Sponsors
    2. Proposal Templates (Word, Excel)
    3. Sample Sponsorship Letters
    4. Sponorship Proposal Examples
    5. Press Release Examples
    6. Sponsorship Agreement Template
    7. Pitching Spreadsheet (Excel)

    Format: Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel (will work on all computers, PC & MAC)

  • The Toolkit is Suitable for:
    Event promoters & planners
    Educational Institutions
    Exhibits and Fairs
    Government Agencies
    Venue Owners
    Labels & Musicians
    Athletic Teams
    Other Organizations

  • sponsorship kit
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AMW Pro - Membership

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    AMW Pro™
    Learn How to Build Your Brand Successfully
    AMW’s popular branding courses gives you the essential building blocks for building a successful personal brand.

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  • Product Benefits
    Instant Access to Courses
    Free & Instant Updates
    Full 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
    Special Offers (Members Only)
    Business Strategies and Document Templates
    How-to Guides

    Product Compatibility
    Mac & PC
    iPad & iPhone
    BlackBerry & Android

  • AMW Pro is Suitable for
    - Professionals
    - Entertainers
    - Industry Leaders

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