3 Tips To help Enhance your Kickstarter Campaign

kickstarter_campaignMaking sure that the push for funding is optimized

One of the most important things to note about a Kickstarter campaign can be during the middle. At the 2 or 3 week mark, funds can come in very slowly, diminishing hopes and wearing down moods a little. If you are a band, artist or entrepreneur that desperately needs funding to complete a new project, it’s important to know that a lot of funds can come in at the very last minute. It is of such importance to notice what kind of language you are using during your campaign, and refrain from the negative. Many will clearly spell out what will happen to them if they do not reach their goal, and while important, may not be the best thing to focus on. Following a few tips for your campaign will definitely get your Kickstarter headed in the right direction; there are a couple of vital tips that will set you apart from the rest.

1. Present from a fresh standpoint

In this new age of using the web to fund projects from fans and future fans, the notion that they have a lot of other projects to fund should be looked at. When you know that there are many others out there that are looking for funding, you will be immediately inspired to make your content as fresh as possible. This is always going to be tough, and a lot of great ideas have already been taken. What research has shown is that fans love content that is funny, and will really respond to it. Quirky hand drawn cartoons, sayings about what the money will really do for the idea, and background and inspiration for your project will all be embraced heavily by donors.

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2. Providing Benefits for Contributors

Many of the most successful Kickstarter campaigns are those that give back to the giver; and not just in the small bumper sticker or guitar pick fashion. Offering pictures with the band, signed merchandise, the opportunity to make a decision in the creative process, and personal appearances are an enormous bonus. There are a lot of arguments in the current climate about this topic; some marketers out there will swear up and down that a simple T-shirt and thank you will not do, and some successful campaigns are reaching their goal by doing exactly that. One general rule of thumb is that the more creative your offering, the farther it will go in terms of getting people to reach in their pockets. And remember, with crowd funding resources on the web, you always have a second chance if you don’t meet your goal the first time.

3. Picking the optimum Length

The most skilled marketers in the online domain claim that the length of a Kickstarter project is its main ally. That is of course, if it is on the shorter side. Giving a potential donor the opportunity to procrastinate may not end well for you; but at the very least, your material was out and being looked at by viewers. From many standpoints, and many experts’ analysis, the 30 day model works best. There are so many ways you can slice the pie, and wonder about statistics, but over 23,000 projects have led many to believe the shorter model is better. If you have something really dynamite under wraps and is running a professional PR campaign to support your campaign, a good 60 days may yield you the best success, but the 30 day model has usually been of great strength. Using crowd funded options is helping many artists, and rising to the top of a DIY type mantra. Does your project have what it takes to get a stranger to donate? Hopefully these tips will help and give you a sense of preliminary direction.

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