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7 Tips to Working remotely from Home

Amber Curtis - March 31, 2020

More and more people are now making the switch to working from home and for some, it may be overwhelming. You are…

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10 Steps for a Successful Music Promotion Campaign

Laurel Daggers - July 12, 2019

Before starting a successful campaign to promote their music, every musician needs to learn what makes up a solid campaign in the…

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5 Quick Tips to Improve Your Social Media

AMW - July 1, 2016

Too many companies end up running dry, boring social media accounts. It’s easy to see why so many people find it hard…

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Using Google Plus to Connect with your Audience

Jon Weirman - August 28, 2014

Using Google plus to reach an audience base can take place in many different forms, with the use of communities and the…

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Summer Software Guide; 5 Products to increase Productivity

Taylor Brown - July 22, 2014

Even though summer is a time that a lot of folks like to spend at the beach and having outdoor fun, it…

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5 Must Do’s for Effective Brand building

Jon Weirman - June 25, 2014

The mixture of the absolute best marketing wisdom and having an incredibly cool product are all part of the perfect plan to…

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Why you Need a Professional Social Media Profile like LinkedIn

Jon Weirman - May 7, 2014

Learning about changes happening to your past contacts, updates in education status, and also as a safety net of sorts if things…

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5 Things to Make Your Social Media Profile Attractive

Jon Weirman - April 14, 2014

Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or beyond, there are a few things that can make your profile stand out from others. Design…

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3 Tips To help Enhance your Kickstarter Campaign

Jon Weirman - April 3, 2014

Making sure that the push for funding is optimized One of the most important things to note about a Kickstarter campaign can…

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