4 Brilliant Tips for Great Cover Art

It’s rightly said that the first impression is the last impression. People will decide whether or not they should listen to your music on the basis of your music’s cover art. No matter how talented you are and how much time you spent in creating a piece of music, you may not be able to attract potential fan base if the cover is dull and boring.

No doubt, you need to create captivating music, but keep in mind that the album cover design plays a vital role in making your album the top choice of your target audience.

You can choose from a variety of designing applications to design a cover for your upcoming music album on your own. But it’s best to have a professional PR firm weigh in on your cover. Not only will they have insight into how to attract your potential fan base, but also promote your music via different channels.

Here are a few tips to design a cover for your music album that will boost your reach:

You Don’t Need to Include the Artist’s Name on the Cover

Shocked by the fact that you need not publish artist name or even the album title on the cover?

It’s because a majority of novice music artists publish their music albums online. When looking through top music sites such as Spotify, Amazon or iTunes, you may have noticed that these platforms display album title and the name of the artist in front of the album thumbnail.

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Since they show the album cover as a thumbnail, it won’t be easy for your fans to view the title anyways. So, why not use the limited space to create an art that can attract fans?

Feature Your Band Members on the Cover

Album covers featuring the faces of music artists tend to get more attention from potential fans. Not only does it add a personal touch to the album cover, but your fans will also feel a strong connection with your music.

Add Professional Website Addresses

Some music artists prefer adding the link of their social media profile to their album covers. But it’s a major turn-off for potential fans. What if the social media site is discontinued down the road?

You should rather add the address of your professional website to your music cover. Your website will stay live for long and will keep your album cover more relevant. If you’ve maintained a social media presence, you should add its link to your professional website.

Avoid Printing Lyrics on the Album Cover

Some music artists print the lyrics of their song on the back of the music cover. But it’ll only ruin the quality of your cover.

You should rather upload the lyrics on your website for your fans. It’s okay to publish the titles of the tracks on the cover, but only if there’s enough space.

If you utilize all the tips above and engage the services of a professional graphic designer, you will see a relevant cover that will help you stand out from the herd.

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