Best Music Promotional Strategies To Grow Your Brand

By working on music projects, every musician deserves the opportunity to get their music heard and in the right hands of new people. There are many advantages for being able to promote your music the right way and to continue to grow in the industry by trying out new strategies to promote your brand and music.

Here are some tips that you can check out to promote your music remotely, or with a manager to start scaling your work as a musician.

Spotify Playlisting

Trying out services to get your music on Spotify’s popular playlist can be a great way to scale your brand. Whether you are trying to grow your reach over time as an artist, earn a new fan base, or grow your monthly listeners, this strategy can help improve your music reach.

With our Spotify playlist campaigns, we target the best possible audience organically to help grow your streams and research curators to help with setting up tracks for inclusion. There are many campaign options to fit your budget from starter campaigns to playlist pro. 

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Billboard Advertising

Although influencer marketing is taking over currently with business, and brands marketing strategy; Investing in the traditional way of Billboard ads is still an overall win for getting more recognition and will bring more awareness to music projects. There are new ways of Billboard ads as they are more modernized and shown digitally, making the billboards more appealing and bold when people check them out!

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Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is still a great way to get others interested in your music projects. Many influencers with large fan bases or influencers are great at overall content creation that can coordinate to make promotional dance challenges to your music, promote merch, or cross-promote on their social media accounts to get your music at a higher reach. 

Utilizing influencer marketing as a promotional strategy comes with a cost, but depending on the influencer there can be room for negotiation and other incentives in which you can do barter collaboration.

Blog Submissions

More people are starting to get into using blog reviews, live streams, youtube, and even podcasts options to promote their music. During the pandemic, this has been a great newly found way to get music heard and is an effective way in getting these news sources to get the word out there about your music to a new audience. There are many blog outlets that are constantly searching for new artists to be able to feature on their page as it helps to include new people on the site to help with visitors staying up to date, and it can also get people that submit a chance to be discovered by potential new fans and other advertisers. This can be a great way to gain more connections and networking opportunities as well.

Photography Sessions

Setting up photoshoots can be a great way to advertise upcoming projects. This can be a short visual for what your audience can expect from your music projects or can be a promotional photoshoot to go along with the branding concept/theme of a new album drop. 

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Aside from doing promotional shoots for music projects, coming up with a content calendar and having a consistent plan for content is key to keeping a consistent brand presence for your social media platform. This strategy can help grow your brand and bring more awareness to your business when putting out the photo and video content. Essentially, this method could also put your brand in the position to also grow and monetize as well.

Ad Placements

Many businesses are taking advantage of utilizing Facebook ads and Instagram ads to help grow as a promotional strategy. Facebook ads are good for testing out different ad strategies and seeing which one would be best to put more money in depending on how the viewers respond to checking out your page, how much you’re growing in followers, link clicks, how many sale conversions you’ve received from the ad placements, etc

Facebook ads are more detailed with insights, and in finding the right target audience that you’re looking for. It allows you to place your ads customizable with different ages, locations, and interests so that you can get the best results for your campaign.  This tool is highly recommended when it comes to coming up with a successful promotional strategy. When you identify which ad placement is gaining the most feedback, you’ll be able to leverage and see more results when investing more into the winning ad placement.
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